2 bottles of STORIES Parfum on a bed of pink flowers
Cruelty free

Why We're Cruelty Free

"STORIES Parfums is a cruelty-free brand. None of our products or raw ingredients are tested on animals (by us or a third party acting on our beha...

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Tonya's Top Ten
Arnotts Dublin

Tonya's Top Ten

Today I'm sharing a few of my Favourite Things outside the world of fragrance,  including several that smell divine, of course! I've always been pa...

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STORIES Parfums fragrance and body bottles on a yellow background with flowers
Body care gifts

Nurturing Scented Memories

Don't you love it when you catch a scent that reminds you of a wonderful memory - or draws you to reminisce on times gone by? I seem to have acquir...

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STORIES Parfums fragrance and body lotion bottles on a tray with candle and cloth
fragrance layering

How Do You Wear Yours?

I believe that perfume is so intrinsically individual there is no right or wrong way to wear, smell or experience it - and encourage everyone to do...

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STORIES Parfums Eau de Parfum on shadowy windowsill
luxury fragrance

A Heart Full of Promise

It is three years since I launched STORIES Parfums, my heart full of promise and not for one second anticipating a global pandemic 18 months down t...

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