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Article: Christmas Scented Memories by the STORIES Team

Christmas Scented Memories by the STORIES Team

Christmas Scented Memories by the STORIES Team

Most of us associate vivid scented memories with Christmas - more than any other season - from fresh pine, spicy cinnamon and roaring log fires, to mulled wine, marzipan and gingerbread.

Did you know that our sense of smell is the only one that directly connects to both our memory and instinct? The olfactory nerve is short, which is why smells can affect us so quickly, taking us back to a remembered moment, person or place in an instant.

This is why there is such an intrinsically close relationship between smell, emotion and memory.

As we approach Christmas Day, the STORIES team have been reminiscing about our favourite festive scented memories...


"I have so many Christmas Scent memories but one of my earliest scent memories associated with Christmas is paper! Yes.. you read correct, paper! When I was about 3 years of age my mum - a youth leader at the time - took me along to a kids Christmas event because Santa Claus was visiting. I remember us all sitting in a circle in complete silence, it was a dimly lit church hall, waiting with anticipation (and probably a little fear) for Santa Claus to arrive. Although I don't recall my gift, the smell of that Christmas wrapping paper has always stayed with me. Even to this day when I am wrapping presents for my own children, friends and family, I'm taken back to that very moment. I remember the atmosphere, the colour of the wrapping paper and the emotions wrapped up in it... so for me, my Christmas scent memory has got to be wrapping paper!"

Tonya, Founder & CEO




 "The scent that completes Christmas for me is cinnamon - the taste, smell, everything. Christmas is the only time of year I crave the taste and scent of cinnamon more than anything else. Ritchies Cinnamon Lozenges make my eyes light up... peeling off the red paper and golden foil to unravel their spicy scent and powdery goodness before the sweet even enters my mouth. My stepdad used to buy me a £1 bag of them and spearmint pips from Curious Candy sweet shop in Bangor, Northern Ireland. I knew Christmas had arrived when the little bags landed on our kitchen table and the sweet, yet spicy scent reached my nose."

Emma, Marketing Executive





"When I was younger my parents had a candle that was a mix of vanilla, cinnamon and spices. Every year when the Christmas decorations box was opened, the scent of it filled our living room - and Christmas had begun. I can still remember the smell so clearly, and every time I smell vanilla, cinnamon and spices mixed together, I get into the Christmas spirit. This is such a core memory for me - and so many of our own Christmas traditions are now enhanced by scent, as I want to pass that feeling on to my kids. I hope that in years to come their Christmas memories come to life when the festive scents come out... even my husband says the decorations aren’t complete until our home smells like Christmas!"

Rachel, PA





"For me, the Christmas season begins as soon as the cool temperatures outside carry that clean, frosty Winter air smell. I love the cold, so many Winter afternoons have consisted of cosy blankets, a window slightly ajar to allow the frosty air in and a smokey, wood fire scented candle in the centre of the room. Just like that, I'm living my annual Winter log cabin dream!"

Gentiana, Intern



Which smells do you associate with Christmas? We'd love you to share with us @storiesparfums

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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