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Article: My Fragrant Valentine

My Fragrant Valentine

My Fragrant Valentine

If you were to close your eyes and imagine what love smells like, what comes to mind?

For me, it's rich and velvety with a whisper of spice nestled on a soft, powdery cloud.

Smells have become more important to me than ever in lockdown. A morning spritz of perfume to energise. A scented candle to elevate the afternoon. A fragrant bath to unwind before bed.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, fragrance has a unique (and proven) ability to transcend emotion and transport us to a place of sensory calm.

Whether spending this Valentine's Day solo, á deux or apart from a loved one, let's embrace the power of fragrance to cocoon ourselves and those we love in comfort. To lift spirits, reminisce and dream of days to come. You definitely don't need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine's... wrapping yourself in a cloud of fragrance can actually feel like a virtual hug.

Scent can elevate mood and ambiance in an instant... deeply sensual, soothing and invigorating... individually or all at once.

For a truly sensory Valentine's evening, try building fragrance in delicate layers that will last all night long. Our storyline goes something like this...

Lights Out
Pour a generous amount of Hand & Body Wash into the bath and fill it to the brim. Although SLS-free, coconut cleansers in our body wash create the most beautiful opalescent bubbles. Light a few candles, slip into the water (together or alone!) and let your cares float away.
Silken Skin
When you step out of the bath, take a moment to massage fragrant lotion into your skin while it's still damp and warm. This helps to lock in maximum hydration and intensifies the lingering scent of body wash, while leaving you with silky soft, beautifully nourished skin. From soothing aloe to shea butter and marula oil, our lotion is made with premium earth-rooted ingredients.
The Final Touch
Spritz Eau de Parfum all over, focusing on areas that hold extra warmth, such as the backs of knees, your tummy and inside the elbows.


We'll leave your plans for the rest of the evening up to you!

Treat yourself or someone you love with a new fragrance to share this experience - either together or apart - at



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