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Article: The Feel Good Factor of Fragrance

The Feel Good Factor of Fragrance

The Feel Good Factor of Fragrance

Scent has an intense impact on how we feel as we go about our days - and plays a significant role in our self care rituals. From an energising body wash to freshly brewed coffee and buttery toast - aromas encapsulate a sense of anticipation and pleasure from our waking moments.

Mental Health Month

Throughout Mental Health Month I've been focusing on how scents infiltrate every element of our lives - and the all-important connection between fragrance and emotions that lies at the heart of STORIES.

A Quiet Moment

The ability to set aside our preconceptions, embrace a quiet moment and inhale the smells, sights and sounds around us can be almost meditative in its effects.

Just last week I was out walking my dogs when I caught the aroma of a mysterious sweet scent in the air, so beautiful that it literally stopped me in my tracks. I was by a river, surrounded by trees and wild flowers... and those few moments where I paused to breathe in the heady aroma left me feeling grounded with a divine sense of calm. My shoulders relaxed a little and spirits raised, I went on with my day.

My Daily Fragrant Ritual

When I apply body lotion or spritz my Eau de Parfum each morning, I'm mentally preparing for the day ahead with a few minutes purely for me. Taking time to massage in lotion that hydrates and softens my skin brings comfort, while transporting my attention from To-Do lists back into my body. Spraying perfume (liberally!) and closing my eyes to breathe in the scent literally lifts my spirits and energises me for the day ahead. Not only because of their beautiful scent, but the feel-good, calming effects they have on my mind and body.  

Wellbeing Ingredients

Some of my can't-live-without uplifting & calming scents are found in STORIES fragrances:

  • Jasmine - to calm a restless mind, boost mood and lift spirits due to the cooling, but sweetly delicate aroma of this refreshing flower.⁠
  • Orange Blossom & Neroli - citrusy, zesty fragrance notes to boost your mood in a moment or re-energise you during a mid-day slump.⁠
  • Rose - to reduces stress and increase happiness... an overall feeling of relaxation.⁠
  • Cardamom - often considered as an aphrodisiac, this is the perfect lift for anyone's mood.⁠
  • Patchouli - triggers happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine, a grounding and emotionally balancing scent to promote relaxation.⁠
  • Musk - rich, deep and sensual, a grounding aroma known to increase positive mood.⁠

Time for You

The reason that I created my products was so that you could share the benefits of experiences I've described...

  • caring for your skin with nourishing ingredients to make it softer and smoother
  • raising your spirits by spritzing uplifting scents 
  • connecting with and expressing your own story.

I truly believe that fragrance sparks joy and can inspire confidence, comfort and wonder.

Scented Memories

Can you think of a scent in your past that evokes positive emotions... perhaps childhood memories of a family member baking, travelling to a different country, or walking through a beautiful forest? Leave a comment below to let me know.

We are surrounded by incredible scents every day if we just stop to smell the roses!

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