Short STORIES: How do you wear yours?

I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I believe fragrance is an expression of your story - and a beautiful way to weave aromas through the threads of your life's narrative.

A specific scent might remind you of distant memories, or become part of those yet to be carved in a fresh new chapter of your life.

Of our five senses, none is so intricately connected to emotion as our sense of smell, so closely related to the parts of our brain that process smell, emotion and new memories. These are deeply rooted connections.

While my Eau de Parfums tell stories that are individual to me, they will speak to you in an entirely unique way. Here are just a few of the ways that our customers use fragrance to narrate their own story, from mood lifting to evoking memories.

STORIES Eau de Parfum balanced on a pile of books

Eau de Parfum

'STORIES No.02 is my favourite. The scent transported me to the far off places I have travelled with many happy memories. Definitely my new go-to luxury scent.' Susanne C

'Captivating. I first learned of STORIES through an Instagram post by one of my favourite authors. The name alone intrigued me as I am lover of books and all things book related.
I have always loved how certain scents can bring back so many memories in one brief moment. And the moment I learned the history of this perfume, I knew I had found the one.
Even without having smelled it before, I felt a connection to its story and the blend of scents spoke to me though it was made specifically for me.
And then there's the added bonus of founder being from Northern Ireland... my own birthplace and the place I hold dear to my heart. This perfume is perfect in every way and is now my signature scent!' Kirsty, STORIES Nº.01 EDP  

'Beautiful fragrances - Nº.01 for me and Nº.02 for my husband. Our whole house smells amazing when we're getting ready for work in the mornings.' Kim G

'Deliciously evocative scent -  a heartwarming core scent that lifts your mood. It reminds me of warm fires, Christmas trees and stormy oceans'! Lola P, Nº.02 EDP

Washing hands at sink with STORIES Hand & Body

Hand & Body

'Fabulously soft, creamy dreamy and a delight to use. Great way to layer with Stories No.01 parfum.' Jill C - No.01 Hand & Body Wash

'Stunning - Smells beautiful and really moisturising - helps to lock in the fragrance when perfume applied after. Gemma A No.02 Hand & Body Lotion

'Recently purchased the No.02 body lotion. To say I am happy with it is an understatement!!I adore it - a beautiful long lasting lotion with the freshest notes that transport me to Happy places. A staple now in my fragrance library.' Helen O

'Gorgeous! Got this to go with the No.01 Parfum and it is just gorgeous. Great if you like to layer fragrances. Makes your perfume last a bit longer but also really good if you like to blend fragrances. I will sometimes layer this with No.02 and they go well together.' Muriel U No.01 Hand & Body Wash


Scented Candles

Stories 01 candles

'Fantastic Products! My home has never smelled so beautiful! Lovely elegant addition - thank you!' Jozi S, STORIES Bougie Parfumée Scented Candles

Do any particular scents evoke powerful memories or emotions for you? I'd love to hear! 

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