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Article: In conversation with Melissa Odabash MBE

In conversation with Melissa Odabash MBE

In conversation with Melissa Odabash MBE

As a fashion company solely owned and run by a woman, Melissa Odabash has helped forge a path for other aspiring designers to follow in her footsteps.  Entering the swimwear industry as a model Melissa Odabash launched her eponymous label in 1999. She is credited with ‘introducing high fashion into resortwear’ with her swimwear being quickly described by Vogue as ‘The Ferraris of the bikini world’.
STORIES Founder, Tonya Kidd-Beggs caught up with the wonderful Melissa Odabash to ask her a little bit more about herself, her brand and her scent story.

Melissa can you tell as little bit about yourself ?
I have a passion for travel and discovering new places (preferably places I can be in a bikini), Italy is my absolute favourite place in the world and where my brand story began.
Where did Melissa Odabash swimwear begin?
22 years ago when I was a swim model in Rome, I didn’t enjoy the design or fit of the pieces that were being shot on me. I decided to create my own line of form fitting, flattering swimwear that women of all shapes, sizes and ages would look and feel amazing in!
Who or where inspires your designs?
I am constantly inspired by the places that I visit, I take inspiration from each destination and I weave this through my collections.
Is it important to you to support philanthropic ventures?
 Absolutely, my moto has always been that you are only as good as what you give back
What are they key factors of building a successful global brand?
Patience and perseverance, listen to your gut and never give up.
Looking back would you have done anything different?
Sure there are moments where I think I wish I’d done things in a different way but I believe that everything we do leads us to the person we are today, it is okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.
What would like to achieve next?
I just received an MBE from the queen which is rarely awarded to Americans. For me that can’t really be topped, I love England and this was such an honour for me.
What is your go-to swimwear piece?
I love one pieces at the moment and one shoulder styles.
What is your scent story? 
My parents loved to party when I was growing up and I remember at night when they were all dressed up my mother would wear Halston and my father Ralph Lauren and now these scents bring back so many childhood memories.


Thank you to Melissa Odabash for sharing with us. 
 Visit Melissa's fabulous swimwear collection HERE

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