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Article: How Do You Wear Yours?

STORIES Parfums fragrance and body lotion bottles on a tray with candle and cloth
fragrance layering

How Do You Wear Yours?

I believe that perfume is so intrinsically individual there is no right or wrong way to wear, smell or experience it - and encourage everyone to do so in their own unique style.

Personally, I love to immerse myself in multiple layers of fragrance and lotion, inhaling the aromas with all five senses, while tapping into the memories, emotions and dreams that it evokes.  

It is my absolute passion to inspire others to connect to their own story - past, present and future - through perfume, just as I did when designing the STORIES collection. I'd love this to happen free from gender bias or any preconceptions about specific notes and ingredients. A virgin experience, if you like.

I designed my fragrances with welcoming inclusivity at their heart - pioneering STORIES Parfums as a forerunner of the 'new niche' - bringing luxury and sustainability together in an intuitive and sustainable approach to the art of perfumery. 

Who better than our very own customers, friends and family to share how they wear STORIES - I hope their heartfelt words inspire you as much as they do me... (some may also make me dance for joy!)



"I ordered the sample set for my other half to choose one as a gift - he fell in love with Nº.01 and I with Nº.02, so of course I had to treat us to a bottle each! We sometimes swap or layer the two to create our own signature scents, which I really love as it's totally unique and they work beautifully together."  

James K - Eau De Parfum Samples


Great for layering 

"The first thing I noticed with these is the texture. They have a lovely velvety feel and the smell is exactly the same as the perfume. The body lotion feels thick but spreads evenly and really moisturises your skin. I love using them one after the other to make the scent last longer on me." 

Muriel U - STORIES Nº.02 Hand & Body Care Duo


Beyond Wonderful! 

"I have very recently purchased STORIES Nº.02 because it was suggested to me and Oh My Goodness; I absolutely adore it. I am super particular when it comes to fragrances and usually go back to my two favourites... this is my absolute winner from now on. It is both feminine and a little bit edgy, all wrapped up in one!" 

Eileen A - STORIES N⁰.02 Eau de Parfum


One to Share

"When we were away for the weekend I forgot my perfume, so stole a spritz of my partner's Nº.02. It smelt so differently on my skin. He loved it on me as much as I did - and didn't even realise it was his at first! Secretly hoping I'll get my own bottle for Christmas!"

Sarah B, STORIES No.02 Eau de Parfum



"My STORIES Nº.01 scent is divinely delicious and I love it. The layers of scent are remarkable, you think you know it but then you get something different, a fruity scent or something sweet... seems at first oaky and woody, amazing! Love everything it reveals on its journey…including the compliments."

Eithne T. STORIES N⁰.01 Eau de Parfum


Magic at work 

"There is definitely some kind of magic in these potions as every time I apply them and I move my arm, I’m automatically just lifting my wrist to breathe in the captivating aroma. The aroma of both are just beautiful and last all day. Cannot choose my favourite between the two and have been wearing them daily since purchasing.

Geraldine B. STORIES Eau de Parfum


Magnificent Top to Toe

"I really like to smell of the same scent top to toe, especially when it's as good as this. The body products feel indulgent and my skin loves them - superb ingredients. I have a whole ritual where I apply the lotion straight out of the shower and finish with a spritz of EDP when dry... self care at its best."

Richard P. STORIES N⁰.01 Collection


At STORIES Parfums we believe passionately in beauty without boundaries. While our story may have started with deep roots in traditional methods and ancient craftsmanship, our ethos is that of a thoroughly modern brand. Intuitive, inclusive and always accessible, we will never define our fragrances by gender or name; we will never tell your story for you. 




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