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Seeking Your Signature Scent? 

Do you remember when choosing a new fragrance meant browsing scanty options at your local chemist? Or you may have known the joy of perusing decadent-yet-demure displays at some of the world's most renowned department stores.

Now living in an era when fragrance is as an extension of our self expression, we find ourselves navigating tens of thousands of fragrances from all over the world, each simultaneously in search of our signature scent... and woe betide smelling the same as someone sitting next to us!

So how on earth do we choose?



I always wholeheartedly recommend trying a sample before you buy a new perfume. The oils and chemicals in our skin react so differently to the ingredients and molecules in a scent, which is why the same one can smell unique on each of us.


I'm not talking about a quick spritz on your wrist, or - God forbid - a different perfume on each wrist and another on your neck. Each one should be experienced individually, over at least a number of hours and ideally days.


Our 1.5ml tester bottles allow you to wear STORIES Nº.01 or STORIES Nº.02 for a few days before investing in a larger bottle. And best of all, they're now complimentary! All you have to pay is postage and we'll be delighted to cover the rest! (Limited time ONLY)

We believe fragrance is personal... so allow it to develop on your skin and pay attention to the narrative that emerges. 


Scent has the power to transform how we feel. Notice how the different notes come to life and evolve over a few hours and how your mind, body and emotions respond...

  • how does the fragrance make you feel?
  • does it evoke memories?
  • does it take you on a journey? 
  • do you feel that it complements your personality?


True perfume lovers savour the experience of selecting a scent and getting to know it intimately before committing. So when choosing a new scent, trust both your emotions and your nose... try not to be swayed by preconceptions of certain ingredients or what you think you should or shouldn't like. This is the very reason we number STORIES Parfums scents rather than naming them.

Perfume has an extraordinary effect on people. An almost visceral effect that can make our soul sing or our body recoil. It's my mission to help you find one that makes you feel wonderful and helps tell your story.



STORIES Nº.01 (Woods/Fresh/Citrus/Fruity)
Citrus notes of bergamot, grapefruit and orange blossom open STORIES Nº.01, giving way to the deep warmth of cedarwood, a delicate touch of jasmine, heliotrope and a fig-tea accord. The mystery of this perfume is revealed in its blend of amber, vibrant sandalwood and hint of vetiver. It is irresistibly seductive, elegant and contemporary in character.

STORIES Nº.02 (Woody/Oriental)
STORIES Nº.02 opens with notes of bergamot and Bulgarian rose, spiced with ginger, cardamom and green tea. Honey tobacco tones balance cedarwood at the heart of this woodyfragrance. Opoponax, tonka bean and patchouli enhance the full-bodied perfume while amber and musk leave a lasting impression.


Read more about How to Choose a Fragrance and treat yourself to a complimentary sample (or two) of our Eau de Parfums today (for a limited time ONLY)... think of it as a self gift! If you're still struggling to choose, I'd love to help... please feel free to message us on our live chat via our website homepage, which you will find at the bottom left.  Chat here. 

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