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Article: Why We Love to Layer

STORIES Hand and Body Lotion lying next to a flower and coconut shell

Why We Love to Layer

Autumn layers are a firm favourite at STORIES Parfums - starting with what lies beneath our cocoon of cashmere & cosy sweats.

The sensual ritual of luxe layering begins at base layer, enveloping skin in decadent botanical ingredients to cleanse, nourish and comfort, amid a veil of fragrance.

As temperatures fall, skin requires extra tender loving care - the act of layering delivering three core benefits:

  • protecting skin from harsh elements and the drying effects of central heating
  • encasing skin in a rich layer of extra hydration
  • extending the intensity & longevity of our perfume


Fragrance layering is the art of wearing several scented products at once... an aromatic ritual that can be as simple or complex as you choose. One day that may mean combining a fragranced body wash and lotion - and another, indulging in multiple layers of scented lotion, perfume and fragrant oils.

What I love most about layering is the depth of intensity it adds, while helping my fragrance linger for longer. Perfume is proven to last longer on well hydrated skin - the molecules of fragrance literally clinging to the moisture, enhancing your scent's lasting power.

The greater the number of layers, the greater the intensity and longevity of your fragrance.

I love to experiment with different combinations of our fragrances, mixing the Eau de Parfums and hand & body products to create unique scents. As part of an expertly balanced collection, it's no mistake that they work together so well.

STORIES wash and lotion by bath side


Gentle on skin, our cruelty-free washes and lotions provide a nourishing treatment for your entire body, treating skin while creating the ultimate foundation for fragrance application.

This luxurious layering adds longevity to perfume and leaves your skin looking and feeling wonderful.

STORIES Parfums Hand & Body Wash is designed to gently cleanse while hydrating and caring for your skin, with gently foaming natural coconut cleansers. Aloe Vera and Provitamin B5 increase skin’s hydration and improve elasticity while soothing and healing. Free of parabens and SLS, our wash caresses skin with a delicate hint of fragrance.

Our Hand & Body Lotion is a silken cocktail of botanical goodness, formulated with moisturising ingredients that deliver a nutrient-rich body treatment. Shea butter with vitamin A works alongside cocoa butter and sweet almond oil to rehydrate the skin. Antioxidant-rich marula oil and argan kernal oil leave your body feeling soft and moisturised, while fighting free radicals.  

Hand spraying a bottle of STORIES No.02 Eau de Parfum in silhouette


Layer up with STORIES Parfums Hand & Body Collection and nourish your skin, while enhancing your senses with a delicate hint of STORIES N⁰.01 or STORIES N⁰.02.

When I started my fragrance house, it was important to me to create a standalone hand & body collection with tangible skincare benefits; hence the products are designed to complement our fragrances and embellish your scented story.

My personal favourite way to layer scent is with fragranced lotion and Eau de Parfum. As well as prolonging the aroma, well moisturised skin helps to diffuse fragrance more effectively - and adds an exclusive element to your scent. 


Layering fragrance doesn't always mean spraying perfumes on top of one another; you may prefer to spray one scent on your neck and a second on your wrists.

  1. Start with a scented body wash to enhance the layers that follow
  2. While skin is still damp, add a moisturising body lotion to hydrate skin and lock in your scent
  3. Spritz skin with perfume(s), starting with the strongest if you're adding more than one, to avoid overpowering more delicate notes
  4. Add aromatic accents, misting backs of knees, inner crease of elbow, cleavage, a scarf or the ends of your hair.

I always recommend layering perfume over lotion - and like to begin by applying that all over.

Fragrance interacts with the warmth and natural oils in your skin to develop over a number of hours, gradually adapting from the first burst of top notes to reveal the heart notes and ultimately the base.

Let us know how you like to layer fragrance @storiesparfums


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