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Fragrance Glossary

STORIES Nº.01 Eau de Parfum Fragrance Glossary 

     Bergamot a sunny citrus with a gently spiced undertone   
    Grapefruit sharp, aromatic and refreshing from the grapefruit peel
    Orange Blossom rich, creamy and heady but with a clean, soapy scent
    Cedarwood deep, resinous wood spiked with fresh greenery, like a pack of new pencils                   
    Jasmine intensely musky with a deep and blowsy floral intensity   
    Heliotrope mouth-watering vanilla marzipan mingled with cherry pie       
    Fig-Tea bitter green mingled with luscious milky sweetness         
    Amber powdery, warm and deeply resinous, like a luscious liquid woodiness 
    Sandalwood creamy, woody warmth with a soothing, soft undertone       
    Vetiver earthy green with a smoky tinge, like turning over a piece of damp wood   


    STORIES Nº.02 Eau de Parfum Fragrance Glossary 

    Bergamot a sunny citrus with a gently spiced undertone 
    Bulgarian Rose sweet, watery with blowsy freshness, the smell of romance 
    Ginger  bracingly spicy with an underlying warmth 
    Cardamom  suede softness muddled with a comforting green note 
    Green-Tea  a bitter herbal tang, leafy and aromatic 
    Honey Tobacco  sweetly smoky and earthy
    Opoponax treacly sweet, soft, deep and musky 
    Tonka Bean  smooth, sweetly spiced, with a vanilla nutiness
    Patchouli  smoky woodiness with a rich musky tone 
    Musk  purring, cossetting and warm with a powdery skin-like depth