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Article: Tonya's Luxury Christmas Gifting Guide 2022

STORIES perfume box filled with gold and silver jewellery

Tonya's Luxury Christmas Gifting Guide 2022

The most special gifts touch someone's heart in a way that holds personal meaning, evokes emotion and prompts bright new narratives.

This year, as always, I'll be gifting my loved ones presents that empower them to tell their own stories...

- fragrance to scent yet-to-be-made memories
- a day or night out to create those memories
- beauty or floral gifts to brighten their mornings in the year ahead

- a piece of jewellery or clothing to wrap them in my love.

Here's a sneak peek at what my friends & family will be receiving from me this year, so if any of you are reading, look away now!


Muddlers Club Belfast
Dinner at The Muddler's Club - our favourite Michelin starred restaurant in Belfast's buzzing Cathedral Quarter
Belfast Merchant Hotel
Followed by an overnight stay at Belfast's decadent 5 star Merchant Hotel
Scented by STORIES Deluxe Duo - an opulent sensory delight with 2 x 100ml bottles of luxurious Eau de Parfums, designed to be shared between two loved ones.

For my twin DAUGHTERS

Ganni scarf
A two-toned fringed Ganni Scarf in the softest blend of certified recycled wool. 
Ultra mini ugg boots
Ultra Mini Ugg Boots for cosy toes on crisp Winter mornings
Gorgeous minamilist jewellery by Belfast-based Lines & Current

For my SONS

A sleek Bolin Webb Razor and Stand Shaving Set


AMI Paris logo embroidered socks from Mr Porter


Andree Jardin Trainer Cleaning Kit



 For my SISTER


Westman Atelier – Vital Skincare Complexion Drops - next-gen skin tint brimming with hydrating skin care and a natural hue for a fresh-faced look.


Studio 10 - Plumping Blush Glow-plexion - 8 hours of sleep in a bottle, party season essential!

Ultimate Trio of Treats - an elegant trio of Eau de Parfum and hand & body treats, available in STORIES Nº.01 or Nº.02 fragrance. Includes Eau de Parfum 100ml, Hand & Body Wash 100ml and Hand & Body Lotion 100ml.


GRIND Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit (hoping for an invite!)


A meal out at one of Deanes Belfast's fine dining restaurants & a pair of concert tickets
A beautiful luxury home blanket by The Little Finery - this local company is my regular go-to for beautiful gifts for little ones and loved ones. 


A floral subscription - because what can be better than fresh flowers on repeat?
A Dusty Gold Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask - for next level beauty sleep 
STORIES Contemporary Duo - a deluxe Eau de Parfum and elegant refillable bottle means - one to store at home and one for on-the-go, in true sustainable luxury. 

    What's top of your Christmas wishlist this year?

    We've made gifting a little easier at STORIES, with up to 20% off our limited edition, gender-inclusive Holiday Collection Gift Sets. 

    From the fragrance lover to the skin-care obsessive, we have everyone on your list covered. Shop STORIES Gift Sets and save up to £50 this holiday season. 

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