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Article: Tonya's Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

STORIES Parfum Hand and Body Travel Duo by the pool with flipflops and sunglasses.

Tonya's Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Top to toe skincare has always been an integral part of my own daily care ritual - a wonderful way to nourish both my body and sense of self. To me, skin care is a form of self care, an ethos which was key inspiration for my luxury Hand & Body collection. 

I made a conscious decision to pour a wealth of skincare expertise and superb botanical ingredients into STORIES Parfums Hand & Body, purposely prioritising the products' skin-nourishing qualities over the fragrance.

Our multi award-winning Hand and Body Lotions were carefully curated with sophisticated skincare benefits to promote wellbeing and wrap the body and senses in delicate fragrance. Each product is packed with nutritious ingredients and a touch of delicate fragrance, to leave your skin looking, feeling and smelling amazing. 


While taking care of the skin on our bodies is important all year around, it deserves extra TLC in Summer, when we tend to expose more skin and spend more time outdoors. Follow these steps to keep yours in great condition, whatever the weather.  


From swimming and outdoor activities to travelling in hotter climates, most of us need to shower more often in Summer. STORIES Parfums Hand & Body Wash is designed to gently cleanse while hydrating and caring for your skin, with gently foaming natural coconut cleansers. Aloe Vera and Provitamin B5 increase skin’s hydration and improve elasticity while soothing and healing. Free of parabens and SLS, our wash leaves skin with a delicate hint of fragrance.


Regular exfoliation helps slough off the top layer of dead skin cells, prepping your skin to absorb all the good stuff! I personally like Susanne Kaufman Detox Oil Scrub which is gently smoothing and invigorating, leaving skin soft and luminous. It's particularly important to integrate this weekly step if you self tan.


For a double dose of hydration, our Hand & Body Lotion is a luxurious cocktail of botanical goodness, formulated with moisturising ingredients that deliver a nutrient-rich body treatment. Shea butter with vitamin A works alongside cocoa butter and sweet almond oil to rehydrate the skin. Antioxidant-rich marula oil and argan kernal oil leave your body feeling soft and moisturised, while fighting free radicals.  

Our lotions provide a nourishing yet lightweight treatment for your entire body, treating skin while creating the ultimate foundation for fragrance application. This luxurious layering adds longevity to perfume and leaves your skin looking wonderful.


Sunscreen is essential all year around, but I like to step up my SPF factor in Summer, using SPF50 on my face and SPF30 on my body. I'm a fan of Saltee Active Sun Lotion SPF30 thanks to its beautiful lightweight texture that hydrates as it protects. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to your neck, décolletage, hands and lips; often neglected yet the first areas to show signs of sun damage and ageing. And remember to top up every 2 hours.

I love to add an extra layer of protection with the gorgeous skin perfecting glow found in Trinny London BFF Cream. Enriched with antioxidants, this leaves my skin looking fresh and healthy while protecting from UV exposure. 


My final and favourite step is to spritz my skin all over with fragrance. I'll often mix STORIES N⁰. 01  and STORIES N⁰. 02 Eau de Parfums and lotions, according to my mood or the occasion. I also like to spritz the ends of my hair and love catching a whaft of the aroma as it moves throughout the day.


Just a few of the fabulous ingredients you'll find in our Hand & Body collection...

  • Shea Butter contains Vitamin A and is known as our skin’s best friend. It works alongside Cocoa Butter and Vitamin D-rich Sweet Almond Oil to hydrate the skin.
  • Marula Oil from the Namibian sweet marula fruit is quickly absorbed and full of fatty acids and antioxidants. It leaves skin feeling soft and fights free radicals. 
  • Argan Kernal Oil is derived from a thorny, evergreen tree native to Morocco. The oil contains Vitamin E and is high in antioxidants. It deeply moisturises skin and strengthens nails.
  • Provitamin B5 is moisturising, soothing and healing for the skin, keeping it soft, healthy and deeply hydrated.


N⁰. 01 Hand & Body Lotion: 'Love this lotion , it’s not sticky; it’s so smooth and skin feels lovely and soft.' Jill E
N⁰. 01 Hand & Body Wash: 'Fresh scent and a mild formula, it feels lovely and a little goes a long way.' Eva J
N⁰. 02 Hand & Body Lotion: 'Simply lovely...really rich and adds a lovely sheen, I use a lot of moisturiser and this is one of the best and it smells divine...go on treat yourself.' Juliann B
N⁰. 02 Hand & Body Wash: 'Just gorgeous. I absolutely love this hand & body wash. It lathers well, is scented gorgeously, makes me feel pampered and indulged.' Elena H

Layer up with STORIES Parfums Hand & Body Collection and nourish your skin, while enhancing your senses with a delicate hint of STORIES N⁰.01 or STORIES N⁰.02.

Summer 2021 Exclusive: Receive a complimentary Hand & Body Travel duo worth £48 with a qualifying order of £75 or more.

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