A New Scented Story: Bougie Parfumée Scented Candles

I wanted to elevate the sensorial experience of scenting our skin... by swathing entire rooms in beautiful fragrance! 

I'm thrilled to share details of an exciting new STORIES Parfums love story - Bougie Parfumée Scented Candles - two luxurious sets of limited edition, sustainably made fragranced candles, expertly hand-poured and crafted right here in the UK.

As a lover of fragrance layering, I was inspired to recreate the  experience with candles.

We've taken the art of perfumery to a whole new level - literally layering the air around us with aromatic notes in a way that they can be enjoyed alone, or combined in a scented symphony.


I have always adored fragranced candles and designed these hand-crafted trios to gently enhance your mood and complement your home. Inspired by (yet not identical to) the top, heart and base notes of our award-winning fragrances, these exclusive blends make a perfect companion to our perfumes and bring ambient warmth and light to your space. 

There's something so enchanting about the flickering flame of candlelight... soothing and comforting our souls as it invites us on a joint or solo sensory journey.

While Eau de Parfum is enjoyed mostly by the individual wearer, a room filled with fragrance invites us to share an even deeper scented experience... one of shared memories, shared emotions and shared stories.

This is my wish for you when you burn STORIES Parfums candles.

STORIES Parfums Candles


Set Nº.01 - nostalgic and pure with a vital and irresistible energy.

                 - light florals, citrus and woods with herbs and a touch of spice.  

Set Nº.02 - full bodied and captivating, leaving a lasting impression of dark, spiced wood.

                - dark florals, delicious warm spice and musky earth notes.

Each set of 3 candles can be burned together, individually or in a tailored combination to create your own bespoke scent.  


Hand-poured in the UK, these small-batch, refillable candles are sustainably made using organic ingredients where possible, with a wax blend of responsibly sourced soy, coconut and rapeseed oils.

Handcrafted using methods that are respectful to the environment, the candles reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainability. They are vegan, eco-friendly and:

  • Cruelty Free
  • GMO Free
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Paraben-free
STORIES Parfums scented candles


The candlewicks are 100% cotton and all of our packaging is recyclable and FSC certified; the glass jars can be refilled and the rigid boxes repurposed.

Beautifully housed in elegant black glass votives, each candle trio can be burned separately - allowing you to experience their individual top, heart and base notes - or together for a truly indulgent olfactory experience - an industry first, to my knowledge.

Explore new STORIES Parfums candles here - and please do let us know your thoughts once you've tried them!

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