Applying your favourite fragrance is such an important part of your beauty routine, yet very few know that there is more to spritzing than meets the eye. Our perception of smell is unique & personal to us. We want to share our tried and tested tips for your fragrance to last on your skin and how you can get the most out of your favourite STORIES scent.

Apply your Eau de Parfum directly to your skin's pulse points, this will ensure the scents longevity. Your body's pulse points are areas that are warm which will help diffuse the fragrance across your entire body. Your pulse points include; behind your ears, base of throat, inner elbow, wrist and behind your knees.

If your skin is dry the fragrance molecules will not cling, hold or last on your skin. Apply body lotion beforehand and then apply your perfume as this will prolong the scent, clinging to moisturised skin & you will not need to reapply. Layering scents is an art itself, it can transform a scent you have grown accustomed to and put a refreshing spin on it. Keep note of a perfume’s concentration, as it determines how long the smell will last on your skin.

Eau de Parfum will last a minimum 5 - 8 hours

Many people tend to rub their fragrances onto their wrist, and rub the wrists together. Do NOT rub your wrists together as, rubbing your wrists will only force the scent to evaporate faster than wished-for, it will also disperse the Top, Heart & Base notes in the wrong order destroying the perfumes composition.

Fragrances break down and lose quality and intensity when exposed to heat, light, and humidity. It is important to store your favourite perfume bottles in a cool, dry place, away from windows. We would not suggest storing your fragrance in your bathroom as there is often windows, steam & humidity, instead we suggest a closed cupboard or drawer.

If stored correctly fragrance will age in perfect condition, much like a fine wine.