Sister Jasmine, Brother Bergamot

What is a Fragrance Family and what does it convey about your perfume?
Within modern perfumery there are Fragrance Families. They are commonly split into feminine and masculine but brands, such as STORIES Parfums, are making great efforts to break down these gender barriers. Our perfume is gender inclusive and bridges the divide between notes considered to be preferred by women and those that would commonly appeal to men.
Tailored to your Needs
Understanding more about these Fragrance Families empowers you to choose a scent that is best tailored to your needs.
The three feminine fragrance families are Floral, Chypre and Oriental. The masculine fragrance families are Chypre, Oriental and Fougere.  
Floral is the largest family and includes notes such as Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang. A perfume with predominant floral notes will be soft and gentle. Within the floral family there are subdivisions that represent a single flower, a bouquet of flowers or a bouquet accompanied by fresh, green foliage. Floral notes are often used in masculine perfumery as a sweet touch to balance earthier tones.
Complex and Refined
The Chypre family is the most complex and refined of the accords. It combines mossy undertones with Bergamot, Spice and Wood. This tailored blend communicates harmony, depth and inherent warmth. This style of fragrance is delicately balanced and showcases the perfumer’s skill in bringing harmony to complex blends. There are several subdivisions in this family. Each one represents the combination of mossy wood with ingredients from other families such as floral, citrus, fruit, fresh green and leather.
The Oriental Family classically contains Vanilla, Gum Resins, Patchouli, Heliotrope, Coumarin and Orris. It is soft with a sensual effervescence and is found in both masculine and feminine blends.  Fragrances from this family can be subdivided into Floral Woody, Floral Spicy, Soft Oriental and Semi-Oriental depending on the ingredients used.
Aromatic and Masculine
Fougere is like Chypre but due to predominant Lavender and Geranium Facets, it is more aromatic. Its structure is based on Lavender, Oakmoss and Coumarin with Bergamot, Geranium and Vetiver. This is considered a predominantly masculine blend and makes a fresh, fragrant statement.
Welcome to the Family
STORIES N º. 01 and STORIES N º. 02 feature a bespoke blend of ingredients from each of the Fragrance Families. They have been carefully curated to express inclusivity and welcome at the heart of STORIES Parfums. Choose one of our fragrances and be a part of the family.

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