Father’s Day: Keep it Simple

Father’s Day has come a long way from its humble origins. How can we keep it simple this year?
Just over a hundred years ago, in a small church in Washington, a young woman made a decision that would change the course of history. Sonora Smart Dodd’s mother died in childbirth. Sonora wanted to find a way to honour her father for singlehandedly raising her and her five siblings. It was decided that a day in June, the month of her father’s birth, would be set aside to celebrate fathers.
Father’s Day, as it is now known, was first marked on the 19th June 1910. Young women gave roses to their fathers. Others pinned the flowers to their clothing as a mark of respect for the men who raised them; they wore red for the living and white for those who had died. The date was not signed into law until 1972 when President Nixon recognised the importance of celebrating the role that fathers play in society.
Under Pressure
Today, Father’s Day generates millions of pounds on gifts, meals out and cards. While it is not as big a money maker as Mother’s Day, the pressure is still high to dig deep for the dad in your life. Gift cards account for the most money spent, followed by clothing, computer-related accessories and personal care items.
As June begins and the shops stock their shelves with power tools, gadgets and tie pins, let’s take a leaf out of Sonora’s book and keep it simple. How about a meal for the men in your life? Could you pick up the phone to those father figures living far away? It doesn’t have to be a red rose but how could you remember the men who influenced you growing up?
Something Unique
A bottle of Eau de Parfum is a simple but profound gift. When chosen with care and intentionality it creates a connection that is reinforced every time the scent is used. If you’re still looking for something unique this Father’s Day, treat someone to a 100ml bottle of STORIES Parfums and enjoy a complimentary 100ml Hand & Body Wash worth £22. 
STORIES N °. 01 is a tale of transformation. Its complex combination of citrus, woody notes, jasmine and vetiver weave a narrative of hope despite difficult circumstances. For some, this is a truer depiction of fatherhood.
STORIES N °. 02 tells the story of a garden in which a grandfather and father smoke their pipes and a little girl plays in the flowers. Each note pays homage to the freedom of childhood under the watchful gaze of strong men. Bulgarian Rose, spiced with ginger and cardamom, giving way to honey tobacco and woody tones make this an ideal scent for the men of influence in your life.
Whether you splash out on the latest gadget or craft something beautiful by hand this year, remember Sonora and keep it simple.
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