Friends of STORIES is an invite only programme created at the inception of STORIES Parfums.
It currently being revamped for 2022 to deliver greater reciprocal promotion and commercial benefits for its’ members and STORIES.

Committed to collaborating with likeminded individuals who personify the values and ethos of STORIES to explore ways to work together to cross promote, share fragrance memories and connect with each others’ audiences.

As a self financed Independent brand we can’t compete with promotional fees from other brands. Instead we seek to discover and reciprocally collaborate with people who have a genuine affinity with our luxurious fragrances and who align with the values, spirit and ethos of our brand.

We are committed to building a community of FoS who share our homage to the power of recalling, acknowledging and sharing the power of fragrance memories and how, whether consciously or unconsciously, they have the power to evoke recollection, comfort and healing.


  • Quarterly sharing of your fragrance memory using the hashtag #MyScentSTORIES to your followers on key dates, specified by the brand.
  • Engagement via liking and sharing STORIES Parfums social posts, reels and stories.
  • Social support via your channels. 
  • Partaking in social campaigns
  • Guest on STORIES Hosts Instagram live series
  • Feature on our guest Journal

  • Affiliate revenue lifetime 20% commission and 15% offer to followers
  • Promotion via brand website, social channels and PR 
  • Guest journal feature on website
  • Spotlight email feature to our growing 48K+ mailing list
  • Complimentary STORIES products of your choice to enjoy
  • Invites to STORIES events to meet other brands and Founders
  • Competitions & cross promotions with luxury brands
  • STORIES Discovery scent session to offer to their audience and friends