Singles’ Day is celebrated on the 11th of November. It began in 1993 when a group of Chinese university students had a party to mark their singledom. It might sound like nothing more than an excuse to celebrate a lack of attachment but today, it is an opportunity to bag a bargain. This annual event generates more income for participating retailers than Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day sales and Cyber Monday.

On the eve of Singles’ Day there is a countdown and live entertainment. Last year, Pharrell Williams performed to over 400 million viewers. When the clock strikes 12, the sale begins and everything from beauty products to electrical appliances are available for the discerning shopper to purchase for a steal.

This festival has not yet taken off in the United Kingdom, however, it is a great opportunity to invest in yourself. Whether male or female, single or involved in a relationship, the gift of fragrance is a bold statement of self-love.

When you wear one of the Eau de Parfums from STORIES Parfums, you are saying that your story matters, whatever its beginning, whatever its end. As the top notes of the fragrance give way throughout the day to complex middle notes, you will experience moments of connection to your past. Later still, the depth of the base notes will captivate your imagination of what could be.

As Singles’ Day approaches, consider treating yourself to one of our luxurious products.

Who knows where this story will end?

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