STORIES Nº. 01 : A Narrative of Shade and Light

My early days as a fragrance designer were spent under the tutelage of a professional perfumer, or nose, in the French Riviera. I was determined to find the notes of that divine aroma I smelt years ago. The only thing I knew was that fig would be a feature. The fruit told me a story of abundance, freedom and a shaded place in which to rest. This note was the only one I later recognised; it had to be woven into the fragrance. 

After inhaling more than 200 scents from the tiny, brown bottles I was drawn to the positive, citrus scent of grapefruit, bergamot and orange flower. These brought a sense of equanimity when combined with the deep, woody back notes of cedarwood.

Amber has been described by entomologist, David A. Grimaldi, as, ‘a window to the past’. The history of this aromatic tree resin is extensive but in the fragrance world it is known to add warmth and depth.  However, when blended with sandalwood and vetiver the result is a vibrant celebration of light.

STORIES Nº. 01 weaves a narrative of shade and light, cosy warmth and zingy ease. It has masculine strength and notes of feminine dignity. It is to be applied with moderation to pulse points and allowed to develop on your skin. As the day unfolds so will the complex notes of this carefully curated fragrance.


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