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Article: Luxury Perfume that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Luxury Perfume that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Luxury Perfume that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

This Christmas we want to shop sustainably without compromising on quality.

Perfume is a wonderful gift to give but with so many different options from which to choose, how can you tailor your selection? We’ve put together a helpful guide to which you can refer when picking a perfume this festive season.


What’s the Culture?

The story behind your perfume begins at home. What kind of brand are you investing in? Does it have a culture of sustainability? We explored this concept a few weeks ago as it relates to the luxury beauty world; you can read about it here. Do some research on the company from which you are buying before you splash out on their products. If you connect with the brand, you are more likely to connect with the perfume they create.

How is it Wrapped?

These days, packaging is an important part of the present. As we take steps to reduce our consumption of plastic it is important to buy from brands who give thought to the packaging of their products. The STORIES Parfums boxes are the opening chapter of our story; they are designed to be repurposed. With the exception of the 2 ml tester, the glass bottles are refillable, encouraging customers to have a long-standing relationship with our products. The labels on our bottles are made from engineered raw paper. It is environmentally friendly but of high enough quality to communicate our story with integrity. When choosing a perfume this Christmas, pay attention to the packaging and the story it tells about the brand from which you are buying.



‘If you connect with the brand, you are more likely to connect with the perfume they create.’



Is it EDP or EDT?

Perfumes are a combination of different notes: top notes, heart/middle notes and base notes. The top notes are designed to grab your attention and pique your curiosity. However, they are the first layer of scent to evaporate from your skin. Heart, or middle, notes feature the main story of the fragrance. The base notes are the ones that remain the longest. The length of time you can expect them to last will depend on the type of fragrance you choose: Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Cologne. The quality of the scent is related to the concentration of pure base oil. The higher the percentage, the longer it lasts on your skin. Look out for these labels on your fragrance:


This may also be called Perfume, Pure Perfume or Extrait de Parfum. It is the most expensive type of fragrance due to its highest concentration of base oil. It contains between 15-25 percent of scented perfume ingredients, together with alcohol and/or water. Parfum has the longest staying power, lasting up to eight hours and often into the following day. This is your special occasion fragrance. It usually comes in a glass bottle and is dabbed on the skin rather than sprayed.

Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Next in line is EDP which has between eight and 15 percent base oil. It has stickability and will linger for up to five hours, occasionally longer. This is the fragrance that will be as strong as you need it to be. For day-to-day wear, you can apply it lightly. When you are dressing up for the night, a liberal application will stand you in good stead. It is easier on your pocket than Parfum but of high enough quality to impress, whether it is on your skin or wrapped up as a gift.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)

EDT contains between four and eight percent fragrant essential oils. This is the one to wear to work or for your own day-to-day enjoyment. It does not last on the skin for more than two or three hours, however, it is easy on the nose and pocket. This light fragrance is often applied after showering and will need several reapplications throughout the day, if you need the scent to remain fresh.

Eau de Cologne (EDC)

This is the scent with the lowest concentration of base oil, coming in between two and four percent. A spritz of this will linger briefly and is suitable for everyday use.

STORIES Nº. 01 and Nº. 02 are Eau de Parfums featuring the finest ingredients from around the world. Creative Director and Founder, Tonya Kidd-Beggs, selects top quality oils for her perfumes. You can discover more about the ingredients of STORIES Nº. 01 here and STORIES Nº. 02 here.

The questions above should help you to ascertain the quality of the perfume and the sustainable practices employed by the brand as a whole. When shopping this Christmas a little bit of research will go a long way. Read our sustainability creed here and get in touch with any questions you might have.



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