How to Arrive and Depart in Style

Airport attire is currently trending. What should we wear when we take to the skies and what beauty essentials need to come along for the ride?

Founder of STORIES Parfums,  Tonya Kidd-Beggs, shares her personal favourites.

According to the experts, our holiday wardrobe dilemma of sarong vs. shorts is now extended to include our runway apparel. Appropriate outfits include designer tracksuits, cashmere onesies and beautiful boiler suits. Alexa Chung’s debut Spring/Summer ‘19 collection created a social media storm last year. It was named Arrivals & Departures and although it tells a personal story of her settling in the UK, it has influenced the travel wardrobe of many a fashionista. Think subtle dungarees, understated prints and capes designed to make an entrance. For ultimate comfort with a touch of glamour, take a leaf out of You Magazine, Edwina Ings-Chambers’, book and don a vintage kaftan for the journey.  However you dress to travel, there are a few essential items you should pop in your see through not-more-than-100 ml bag this year.

Lip Balm

There is nothing worse than dry, cracked lips on a long-haul flight. Recycled air, high altitude and low humidity sap the moisture from your lips, leaving them tight and even painful. Regular application of a good lip balm and drinking plenty of water will ensure your lips stay well hydrated throughout your journey. My all-time favourite is BY TERRY's Baum De Rose. It is packed full of nourishing vitamins and includes shea butter which leaves my lips soft for hours. There are lots of beautiful colours to choose from – I love ‘Rosy Baby’. Visit Net-a-Porter to browse the product range.

Eye Cream

No-one will notice your suave carry on bag or sparkly sandal if your eyes are puffy from a 12-hour flight. Puffiness is caused by the build-up of fluid and blood around the eye area. The skin here is thin and sensitive, so it is difficult to conceal the dark circles. Applying an eye cream mid-flight will help to keep this area moisturised and encourage the fluid to disperse. My choice is Neuropeptide Firming and Illuminating Under Eye Cream by Perricone MD. It is rich in Vitamin A to reduce dark circles and a has a beautifully rich texture owing to the Argan Oil. The Advanced Eye Cream by the same brand uses a combination of copper tripeptides, Vitamins and Omega Oils to correct dark circles, firm and lift the eye area. For more details on these fabulous products visit their website


For the perfect travel-sized fragrance, STORIES Parfums have a refillable  15 ml or 30 ml bottle that fits neatly into a handbag or briefcase side pocket. A spritz of STORIES Nº. 01 with its lively citrus notes, delicate jasmine and lingering sandalwood or STORIES Nº. 02’s Bulgarian Rose, oriental spice and smoky tones, is sure to add the exclamation mark to whatever statement you intend to make this Summer.