The Gift of Fragrance: Be Intentional

The gift of fragrance is as old as Christmas itself. With so many perfumes from which to choose, how can we give a scent that communicates something personal?

Within modern perfumery there are Fragrance Families. They are commonly split into feminine and masculine but brands, such as STORIES Parfums, are making great efforts to break down these gender barriers. Our perfume is gender inclusive and bridges the divide between notes considered to be preferred by women and those that would commonly appeal to men.

It may be helpful to know more about these Fragrance Families in order to choose a scent that will best suit the person for whom it is intended.

The three feminine fragrance families are Floral, Chypre and Oriental. The masculine fragrance families are Chypre, Oriental and Fougere.  

Floral is the largest family and includes notes such as Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang. A perfume with predominant floral notes will be soft and gentle. It is akin to buying someone a bouquet of fresh flowers in celebration of friendship, new romance or the blossoming of hope.

The Chypre family is the most complex and refined of the accords. It combines mossy undertones with Bergamot, Spice and Wood. This tailored blend communicates harmony, depth and inherent warmth. It places great value and worth on the relationship between you and the person receiving the fragrance.

The Oriental Family classically contains Vanilla, Gum Resins, Patchouli, Heliotrope, Coumarin and Orris. It is soft with a sensual effervescence. Choose perfume from this family, if you intend to make a bold, romantic statement.

Fougere is like Chypre but due to predominant Lavendar and Geranium Facets, it is more aromatic. This is considered a predominantly masculine blend. It reaffirms friendship, can be interpreted as a gift of objective appreciation or intimate commitment.

The gift of fragrance need not be an impersonal choice. It can communicate anything from a generic, ‘Thank you,’ to an intentional statement of long-term devotion. The two fragrances in the STORIES Parfums range have been carefully curated to express the unique story of the designer, Tonya Kidd-Beggs. She has drawn on notes from each of the Fragrance Families to create something unique and alluring. Be intentional this Christmas and choose a fragrance that tells its own story and that of the relationships you most value.

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