Recovering What was Lost

The story of unlocking a happier childhood through the notes of Fragrance N º. 02.
I would like to forget some of my childhood memories. They cast a shadow over the happier times that stretches into my teenage years and beyond.
Something powerful happens, however, when I catch the scent of pipe tobacco on the breeze. I am transported to my grandfather’s garden and there, all around me, are the good memories. I see my father, standing next to his father with two chimneys of smoke snaking above them. I am in the dirt, wrist-deep in soil and surrounded by plants. There is a greenhouse full of citrus breath and a rose bed showing off its rainbow hues. I am safe. I am loved.
Bottling Memories
These are the memories I have bottled in Fragrance N º. 02. Cool Bulgarian Rose tones are balanced by notes from the spice facet: ginger, cardamom and green tea. They speak of floral, fresh garden explorations.  Honey Tobacco smoulders at the heart of the composition as a comforting reminder of my DaDa’s presence. Vanilla and Opoponax bring an original depth to the blend and leave a lasting impression of softness.
Kick off your shoes
Fragrance N º. 02 issues an invitation to revisit the parts of your childhood that have been overshadowed. It asks you to kick your shoes off, walk among the flowers and recover that which has been lost.

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