The woody notes that bring connection and depth to STORIES No. 01.

The cedar trees that grow in West Virginia have rust-coloured bark that peels off in strips. The male of the species produces clouds of pollen in early Spring for seed cones that grow on the female tree. Its juniper berries provide food for many varieties of birds, including the beautiful cedar waxwing. Most interestingly, the tree is a pioneer species that repopulates land that is barren and damaged. Even in the most extreme conditions of drought or cold, this variety of cedar will flourish.

Red Cedar Essential Oil is at the heart of STORIES No. 01. It tells a story of the life that can grow in barren soil and adverse weather; it tells a story of hope. The heartwood of the tree is soft and pinkish in colour. It is chipped and steam distilled to produce a warm, wood-scented oil known for its grounding properties.

Woody Base Notes

STORIES No. 01 features notes from the wood facet at its heart and base. These scents provide character and warmth as they temper the effects of the other ingredients. The facets represented in the base notes of a composition will determine its lasting quality and unique olfactory fingerprint.  STORIES No.01 belongs to the Woody Floral family. This collection of fragrances can be masculine or feminine, they are complex and refined.

Sandalwood and Vetiver are two of the woody base notes that deepen the narrative of pioneering hope as STORIES No. 01 develops.

We use the finest Sandalwood Essential oil from a small tropical tree native to India. The tree needs at least 30 years to grow before it produces its signature scent, therefore its cultivation is strictly regulated by the government. Unlike cedar, its heartwood is dark and hard. It is ground to a powder before the oil is steam distilled. This is one of the scents that will linger on your skin for hours after application. It balances the citrus and the floral notes of the fragrance with great sophistication.

Lingering Earthy Tones

Vetiver works with Sandalwood to lay a strong foundation on which the other notes of STORIES No. 01 can be built. It comes from the roots of a gregarious and hardy grass from Haiti. It grows up to two metres in height and has extensive root systems that support it in seasons of flood or drought. It holds the soil together with roots that bury twice as deep as the grass grows high. As an oil it lends depth and masculinity. It holds together the composite parts of STORIES No. 01 and takes us back to barefoot explorations with its lingering earthy tones.

The force of STORIES No. 01 is found in its woody notes. They are both soft and resilient, elegant in stature and established in character. They provide the strength and substance of a blend that will appeal to men and women equally. This is the Eau de Parfum for discerning fragrance lovers who can appreciate a complex scent.