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Article: Love our Planet, She’s a Beauty

Love our Planet, She’s a Beauty

Love our Planet, She’s a Beauty

It is said that birds find their mate on the 14th of February and then set their minds to nest building. Whether this is strictly true or not, there is plenty of evidence that our feathered friends are turning their attention to the next generation. These short, bright Winter days are full of Spring signs for those who pay attention: catkins dangle like pendants on the Hazel boughs, thrushes join the dawn chorus and a few brave leaf buds start to unfurl.

Commercial Extravagance

This month is often associated with commercial displays of extravagance. The town is painted red and the shelves are stocked with gifts. Valentine’s Day means different things for different people. Some use the opportunity to love lavishly, others see it as something through which to hurry. A few buck the trend and send good vibes to friends, family and themselves. However you view St. Valentine’s Day, there is enough beauty in one square foot of countryside, parkland or garden to inspire even the hardest heart.

Why don’t you try something new this year? Set aside ten minutes of your 14th of February and find somewhere green, preferably with a bit of sky above you. Notice something you might otherwise have missed: the skeleton of a Winter tree, a ladybird waking from its slumber or a bird, beak-full of twigs and determined.

Words to Inspire

At this time of the year, there is love poetry, greeting card sentiments and romantic one liners aplenty. Here are some words from the late American poet, Mary Oliver, to inspire those in a less-than-amorous mood:

‘…Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.’ (Wild Geese)

As a brand, STORIES Parfums is very intentional about how it moves through the world; we aim to leave as light a carbon footprint as we can. Every detail of our story is considered, from the raw paper labels to the refillable glass fragrance bottles. We make unique products with our customers in mind and sustainable packaging out of respect for our planet. We are committed to the creation of bespoke products and the development of sustainable practices that honour the world in which we live.

Sexy Sustainability

Environmental sustainability may not strike you as particularly sexy, but connection is the heart of our story: to our past, our customers, our planet and the future we hope to preserve.

We wish all our customers a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope that the ‘harsh and exiting’ call of the world reminds you that you belong and inspires you to show our planet a little bit of love.

Click here for more information on our sustainability practices.   

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Lovely warm words., especially the homage to the late and already-missed Mary Oliver. Thank you for the invitation to explore the wild scents of nature.

Ruth Morrison

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