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Article: Fragrance: How do you wear yours?

Fragrance: How do you wear yours?

Fragrance: How do you wear yours?

Fragrance: How do you wear yours?
You might think there is very little to know about how to wear perfume. In fact, there is an art to administering the right amount of fragrance in a way that will maximise its potential. Whether you have Valentine’s Day on the horizon or you just want to smell your best, here are some tips to ensure your fragrance is working for you.
Give it a Day
It is worth taking your time to choose a fragrance. A quick spray in a shop is not enough to gauge how the perfume will develop throughout the day. There are so many variables when it comes to picking a scent: personal preference, strength of the base oil, the blend of ingredients and more. Try a perfume sample and pay attention to its smell as you move through the day.
Spray with Heart
Estee Lauder’s advice on applying fragrance was to spray a cloud through which we should walk. She insisted that we encounter fragrance with our heart, not just our nose. Current advice on how to apply perfume differs. Designer of STORIES Parfums Fragrances, Tonya Kidd-Beggs, encourages customers to trust their personal preference when it comes to how much or how little to wear. She suggests spraying a little on your hair; it does not damage the hair and ensures that the smell lingers for longer. It is also a great way to layer fragrance; think of your skin as the first layer, then clothing, then accessories, such as scarves, then, finally, your hair.
Look after your Skin
We have heard the complaint that fragrance does not last long enough on the skin. This may be because of the strength of your chosen fragrance or it could be due to dry skin. Looking after your skin, and even applying a moisturiser before your perfume, can help with this. Shop our award winning Hand&Body Care  infused with a delicate veil of fragrance, allowing you to layer and lock the notes as you wish.
How to Wear Ours
  • Apply to your collarbone. This ensures you smell it as you move your head and it will radiate to those you meet throughout the day.
  • Spray your wrists. We use our hands when we interact with others. This movement is essential to the freedom of a scent. However, do not rub the wrists together. This will affect the chemical composition of the notes and ultimately ruin the delicately balanced notes. Allow the perfume to dry on your skin naturally.
  • How much you spray depends on the strength of your fragrance, how strong you would like it to smell and how long you want it to last. For our fragrance, and other Eau de Parfums, a few spritzes in the same area is all you need.
  • Trust your nose. Take the time to choose a fragrance that you like. Our relationship to fragrance is unique and intimate; it is worth getting right.
Enjoy the story that our range of fragrances tell as top notes step aside for the flourish of heart notes and base notes ease their way in and stay until the wee hours.

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