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Article: Beginner's Guide to Fragrance Chapter 5: How to Layer Fragrance

STORIES Parfums Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion on a bed of flowers

Beginner's Guide to Fragrance Chapter 5: How to Layer Fragrance

In the fifth chapter of our Beginner's Guide, we explore what fragrance layering is, why we love to layer - and how to layer scent.

Fragrance layering is the art of wearing several scented products at once... an aromatic ritual that can be as simple or complex as you choose. One day that may mean combining a fragranced body wash and lotion - and another, indulging in multiple layers of scented lotion, perfume and fragrant oils.


Best known as a way to create your own bespoke scent, there are many merits to fragrance layering. The concept dates back to the Middle East, where fragrance lovers layer up to 7 different scents at once, in fabulously decadent style.

What I love most about layering is the depth of intensity it adds, while helping my fragrance linger for longer. Perfume is proven to last longer on well hydrated skin; the molecules of fragrance literally clinging to the moisture, enhancing your scent's lasting power.

If you find that fragrance doesn't last on your skin, lack of moisture could well be the reason, alongside the quality and percentage of pure base oil. This is also why fragrance often lasts and smells differently on people with naturally oily or dry skin.


The greater the number of layers, the greater the intensity and longevity of your fragrance. While these are guidelines, there are no set rules, so experiment and enjoy the process!

    1. Choose complementary, contrasting or linear scents - whichever you are most naturally drawn to
    2. Begin with your base layer - a scented body wash to enhance the layers that follow
    3. Prep skin with a moisturising body lotion to keep it well hydrated and lock in your scent
    4. If adding multiple layers of perfume, spray the strongest first and top up with lighter scent(s) to avoid overpowering the more delicate notes
    5. Add aromatic accents on backs of knees, inner crease of elbow, a scarf or the ends of your hair.

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My personal favourite way to layer scent is with fragranced lotion and Eau de Parfum. As well as prolonging your aroma, well moisturised skin helps to diffuse fragrance more effectively - and adds an exclusive element to your scent. 

If you're new to fragrance and layering, a great starting point is to add a scented lotion to your routine. STORIES Parfums Hand & Body Lotion contains a good percentage of fragrance - and comes to life when used with the matching body wash or mixed and matched between STORIES N⁰.01 and N⁰.02. You can then build up the intensity by adding a spritz of Eau de Parfum on top.

When I started my fragrance house, it was important to me to create a standalone hand & body collection with tangible skincare benefits. The hand and body products are designed to complement our fragrances and embellish your scented story. Full of nourishing ingredients and gentle on skin, the washes and lotions are infused with a delicate veil of fragrance, allowing you to layer and lock the notes as you wish.

To lock in your fragrance story for longer, apply a layer of STORIES Parfums Hand & Body Lotion first. Mist the Eau de Parfum onto pulse points and spray onto your hair to diffuse the fragrance naturally throughout the day.

Our gentle, foaming Hand & Body Wash leaves skin cleansed and moisturised, while aloe vera, coconut oil and pro-vitamin B5 protect and invigorate. The matching Hand & Body Lotion is deceptively light, while providing all the nourishment and hydration your skin needs. Both the wash and lotion have a delicate hint of our fragrance, perfect for layering with our Eau de Parfums.

Applying a fragrant lotion also has a magical ability to help us connect with the present moment, soothing our nervous system and helping us to relax. I regularly reapply lotion to my hands and arms throughout the day, enveloping my skin and senses in multiple delicate layers of nourishment and fresh scent.

Designed to be worn alone or layered with fragrance for a bespoke scented veil, the formula of our Hand & Body Lotion is infused with a hint of our fragrances.


I do love to experiment with different combinations of our fragrances, mixing the Eau de Parfums and hand & body products to create unique scents. As part of an expertly balanced collection, it's no mistake that they work together so well.

Traditionally, scents are divided into top, heart and base notes - each experienced in turn, yet simultaneously. The top notes tend to be zesty, punchy and short lived, creating an all-important first impression; the heart forms the main melody, while the base is like the grand finale, often appearing up to six hours after initial application.

Fragrance interacts with the warmth and natural oils in your skin to develop over a number of hours, gradually adapting from the first burst of top notes to reveal the heart notes and ultimately the base.

Our sense of smell fluctuates with the seasons, heightening in Summer when warmer climates allow molecules to sit stronger in the nose. This is when I find that the Bulgarian Rose in STORIES N⁰.02 Eau de Parfum really comes to life; likewise its spicy cardamom balances well with the sensual jasmine and complex fig in STORIES  N⁰.01 Hand & Body Lotion.


Layering fragrance doesn't always mean spritzing perfumes on top of one another; you may prefer to spray one scent on your neck and a second on your wrists. I always recommend layering perfume over lotion - and like to begin by applying that all over.

The best places to apply fragrance (alone or in layers) are:
  • pulse points
  • behind ears
  • inside wrists (but do not rub perfume or wrist together as this distorts the fragrance and the way the notes are made to disperse)
  • cleavage
  • behind knees. 

I also like to spritz the ends of my hair for a longer lasting effect and love catching the scent on the air as my hair moves throughout the day.

Let us know how you like to layer fragrance @storiesparfums and enjoy exploring our full collection of Eau de Parfums and Hand & Body products.

To learn more about fragrance, find our first Beginner's Guide to Fragrance here

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