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Article: How to create a signature scent

Hand spraying perfume into the air

How to create a signature scent

There's something iconic about having a signature scent. A fragrance you're remembered by. An aroma that evokes emotions and memories, no matter the time or distance between you and the wearer.

Your very own smell - which others may wear - but it feels like it's yours.

Walk into any perfumery or fragrance hall and the array of bottled scents in front of you can feel overwhelming, even for a perfume aficionado. Smelling more than a few at one time doesn't allow the opportunity to form a connection with The One.

So where to begin?

STORIES Parfums samples

Try before you buy

Don't make do with a quick spritz on a blotter, your wrist or neck.  Each scent should be experienced individually, over at least a number of hours and ideally days.

I always recommend trying a sample before you buy a new perfume and wearing it in different environments. The oils and chemicals in our skin react differently to the ingredients and molecules in a scent, which is why the same one can smell unique on each of us.

Our sense of smell is the most powerful one we have and the mostly closely connected to our emotions. Certain scents might spark intense feelings that stir your soul or make your heart sing.

Our samples allow you to wear STORIES Nº.01 or STORIES Nº.02 for a few days before investing in a larger bottle.  There are so many variables when it comes to picking a scent: personal preference, strength of the base oil, the blend of ingredients and more. 

We believe fragrance is personal... so allow the scent to develop on your skin and pay attention to the narrative that emerges. 


How does it make you feel?

Scent isn't only about smelling delicious; it can absolutely transform how you feel. I choose my daily fragrance according to my mood, the occasion and how I want to feel in that moment. Notice how different notes come to life and evolve over a few hours on your skin - and how they make you feel.

Euphoric... relaxed... sensual... invigorated?


Trust both your emotions and your nose... try not to be swayed by preconceptions of certain ingredients or what you think you should or shouldn't like. This is the very reason we number STORIES Parfums scents rather than naming them.

Perfume has an extraordinary effect on people. An almost visceral effect that can make our soul sing or our body recoil. It's my mission to help you find one that makes you feel wonderful and helps tell your story.

Fragrance has a magical ability to connect us to both the past and present moment, in continually evolving new memories. Our relationship to it is unique, intimate and so worth getting right.

Personal Taste

The Fragrance Foundation - of which STORIES Parfums is a proud member - categorises every fragrance to fit within one of four families:

  • Floral
  • Chypré
  • Ambrée
  • Fougère.

Most fragrances fall within four olfactory groups - and most of us are naturally drawn to one or more of these:

  • Floral
  • Woody
  • Ambrée
  • Fresh

While most of the world’s fragrances have been classified according to Michael Edward’s Fragrance Wheel as an excellent guide, nothing beats your own ability to sniff a fragrance and decide instinctively if it speaks to you or not.

Our Eau de Parfums

The very reason I created my collection was to give people the space to stop and connect with fragrance in an emotional way.  Fragrance has the power to connect us to our true selves - connecting us to our past, present and even hopes and dreams for our future. 

STORIES perfume bottles upright and on side

The Scent of STORIES Nº.01 

A carefree stroll amid the fig trees of the French Riviera... first glimmers of golden morning light glistening through a canopy of glossy leaves. Heady jasmine outstretches its tendrils as you pause to hear the song of distant waves. Heart full of hope and wonder... a new chapter awaits.

STORIES Nº.01 radiates joy - the effervescent fizz of fresh citrus sliced on sun-warmed wood, grounded by earthy vetiver and sensual amber.  Elegantly refined, seductive and brimming with optimism.


The Scent of STORIES Nº.02 

Barefoot on vivid green velvet moss, trailing her moonlit path through the forest's wild herbs and roses; senses avid in the quiet stillness of statuesque trees. A gossamer wisp of smoke and echoes of a song in the air, she draws near...

Bold and mysterious, STORIES Nº.02 embodies wonder and liberation, empowering you with its heady optimism. Bulgarian roses nestle in nostalgic honey and cedarwood, cocooned in the sensual warmth of tonka and amber.

fragrance layering with lotion


Once you've chosen a favourite, lock in your fragrance story for longer by applying a layer of Hand & Body Lotion first. Mist the Eau de Parfum onto pulse points or spray onto your hair to diffuse the fragrance naturally throughout the day.

Our scents are designed to complement oneanother, so don't be afraid to mix and match. Try layering them in a different order or on different body parts - and notice how this affects their smell.

At STORIES, we believe that every fragrance should be accessible to everyone, without boundaries.

As a fully inclusive brand, our gender inclusive collection was curated to be worn by all those with a fabulous sense of smell! If you go back to the roots of perfumery, the earliest fragrances were designed for everyone to enjoy, exactly how they should be.

Fragrances are individuals with their own personality traits... we're all drawn to particular scents and similar notes. Enjoy choosing yours and please get in touch if you'd like any guidance.


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Just smelled a tester of Stories perfume for first time today Just love it I’m now trying to decide no1 or no2


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