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Article: Valentine's Scent Settings

STORIES Parfums candles being lit in a bathroom

Valentine's Scent Settings

As we enter into the midst of February, the last month of a cold, dark and long winter; we start to see glimpses of a blossoming spring and lighter nights to come.

It is vitally important that we continue to take the time to be gentle with ourselves, take the time to unwind and indulge in the art of self-care.

With February being the month of love and romance, it can be easy to get swept up in showing those around you how much you love them, whether that be a partner, family or friend. Of course, this is part of the beauty of Valentine’s; a dedicated time to really express the love you hold for others. Although, allow this time to show that love right back to yourself, guilt-free. 

I have put together my ultimate guide to creating the perfect, sensory scent setting for yourself this Valentine’s Day. Use this guide to unwind, indulge yourself and as inspiration to develop your own scent setting rituals.

A scent setting is about setting an intention through the power of fragrance. The aromas around you have the power to influence your mood or emotions, even without you realising. 

After a long day at the office, for me there is no better way to unwind than a sensory candlelit bath. The perfect scent for my bath time is the STORIES Nº.02 Candle Trio as they create a sensual and evocative aroma with their notes of dark floral woods, honey tobacco and tonka bean. What I love about this set of candles is the way I can tailor the scent to my preference and mood. I can burn just the Nº.02.01 candle from the trio (the top notes candle) if I want the delicate balance of a sweet and warming aroma. I can mix and match by burning two of the three candles together or simply burning all of them together to intensify the mood as they are all made to be able to layer with whatever combination you want to create from the trio… so many possible scent settings!

What I really love about lighting candles during my bathtime ritual is the simplicity of candlelight. The warm glow and gentle flicker just instantly relaxes me and helps me to breathe deep and clear my head of any worries or anxieties from the day.

To elevate my candlelit bath, I simply have to reach for the STORIES Nº.02 Hand & Body Wash. The formula contains gentle, natural coconut cleansers which create the most delicate bubbles when mixed with the running bath water, perfect for sensitive skin. The wash also contains luxurious botanical ingredients with aloe vera, glycerin and provitamin B5, which leave my skin feeling beautifully cleansed. The veil of STORIES Nº.02 scent found in the wash never fails to linger on my skin post-bath which I adore. I’m always left feeling so fresh and there is truly no better feeling.

Stepping out of the bath, the first thing I grab is my STORIES Nº.02 Hand & Body Lotion. Not only is this the cherry on top to the scent layering of my bath time ritual with the candles, wash and finally lotion but also it locks in every last drop of moisture. The nourishing blend of aloe and glycerin, cocoa butter and shea butter as well as the unique STORIES moisturising complex never fails to leave my skin feeling supple. The lotion also contains alimentative oils such as sweet almond oil and argan kernel oil which are all sls, paraben and cruelty free.

After all of this, I am most definitely ready for bed, smelling and feeling divine! I can not stress enough how important it is to take this much needed time out every once in a while and really indulge yourself in life’s little luxuries.

Let me know if you recreate my candlelit bath time scent setting or if you create your own rituals!

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