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Article: A Stolen Moment of Self Care

A Stolen Moment of Self Care

A Stolen Moment of Self Care

The impact of recent global events has highlighted the importance of prioritising self care in nurturing our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Making time for deliberate self care in everyday life helps ensure that our basic needs are met - from making sure our bodies get adequate rest, through to a stolen quiet moment to still our thoughts and reconnect. 

A good starting point is to introduce small steps towards restorative wellbeing and calm as part of our daily routine. Applying fragranced lotion produces sensations that help us connect with the present moment, easing symptoms of anxiety and soothing the nervous system. Caring for the skin on our bodies can become an extension of mentally scanning the body in meditation, massaging and appreciating each limb as we go. 

We can even train our bodies to associate a particular scent with a sense of calm - and when we need to re-centre, use that fragrance to bring us back to stillness. Simply applying hand lotion with the same fragrance while on the go can be enough to trigger that familiar soothing sensation. 

'The impact of recent global events has highlighted the importance of prioritising self care in nurturing our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing'.

Despite the best of intentions, few make the effort to regularly apply body lotion from top to toe. Many of us grew up flooded with messages on how to care for our skin - but not all of it - only the small percentage from the neck up. Skin is our largest organ, encasing and protecting our entire bodies - and every millimetre deserves loving attention. 

That's why we made the conscious decision to pour a wealth of skincare expertise and superb botanical ingredients into our body care collection. We purposely chose to put nourishment and wellbeing first - and fragrance second - that's how much skin matters to us. Each of our body products is packed with nutritious ingredients and a touch of delicate fragrance, to leave skin looking, feeling and smelling amazing. 

Some of the STORIES Parfums team grew up in a chilly climate on Northern Ireland's beautiful yet blustery coast, where the transition from showering to fully dressed was a swift one, regardless of season. (A time when most mothers encouraged donning two woolly jumpers rather than heating the entire house, especially on days when visitors were not expected!)



STORIES founder, Tonya Kidd-Beggs recalls: 

"Caring for the skin on my body was a notion that honestly didn't even occur to me until my early 20s, when I was gifted a hefty glass jar of velvety rich cream and noticed a difference in the softness of my skin within a few days of using it. 

"I have never looked back. Top to toe skincare has been part of my ritual ever since - a treat not only for the body, but for my sense of self. I absolutely believe that skin care is a form of self care and the reason I introduced my body collection. Wherever we are in the world, there has never been a greater need to be kind to ourselves than now." 

Botanical Body Benefits

STORIES Parfums Hand & Body Wash is designed to gently cleanse while hydrating and caring for the skin, with gently foaming natural coconut cleansers. Aloe Vera and Provitamin B5 increase skin’s hydration and improve elasticity while soothing and healing. Free of parabens and SLS, it leaves skin with a delicate hint of fragrance.

For a double dose of hydration, our Hand & Body Lotion is a luxurious cocktail of botanical goodness, formulated with moisturising ingredients that deliver a nutrient-rich body treatment. Shea butter with vitamin A works alongside cocoa butter and sweet almond oil to rehydrate the skin. Antioxidant-rich marula oil and argan kernal oil leave your body feeling soft and moisturised, while fighting free radicals.  

We totally get that not everyone may be in a position to use luxurious skincare top to toe on a daily basis, but have found that even introducing it in little ways can make a big difference. It's all about figuring out what works with your skin and lifestyle. Here are a few ways that the STORIES team use our products... 

Hands On - Emily, Marketing Consultant

"I like to massage a pump of Hand & Body Lotion into the backs of my hands while my computer fires up in the morning. I sometimes take it right up to my elbows (which can always use a little extra moisture) and those few moments of relaxation and beautiful scent help instil a positive frame of mind as my day begins." 

Self Care Sundays - Lynne, Account Manger

"Sunday morning is my time to switch off and prepare myself for the week ahead. I'll have a long, relaxing bath or shower, exfoliate my body and pop on a face mask while I apply STORIES hand & body lotion. I've noticed such a difference in how this makes me feel, both physically - in improving my skin - and in my overall sense of wellbeing. While I may not have time to repeat this ritual daily, I really look forward to it on a chilled Sunday morning and no matter what other plans I have, this comes first."  

Waist Up - Hayley, Social Media Manager

"As mum to a little one, time is of the essence for me! On busy mornings, I love to use our luxurious lotion from the waist up - and if time allows, I'll add a standard moisturiser on my legs. This way I get to enjoy the benefits (and that gorgeous fragrance) where I see them the most - and the bottle lasts a lot longer!" 

Showing kindness to ourselves and our senses through appreciating our bodies and nourishing our skin is a powerful self care technique - to the extent that it is often used by those who have suffered trauma in their lives. Mindfully combining the sense of smell and touch can literally soothe our system.

Whatever products or method we choose to apply, it's good to notice how it makes us feel to care for ourselves and our skin in a more mindful way. To pause and breathe in the fragrance of our lotion or surrounding everyday scents to help centre ourselves. A few moments of self love each day can go a long way to transforming our skin and instilling a deeper sense of wellbeing. 

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