STORIES Nº.02 Bougie Parfumée Scented Candle Trio

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STORIES Nº.02 Bougie Parfumée
Refillable Scented Candle Trio

A set of 3 x 70g candles reflecting the top, heart and base notes of our iconic STORIES Nº.02 fragrance; inspired yet not identical, with some creative tweaks. 

Each candle trio can be burned separately to experience the individuality of their top, heart or base notes - or together for a truly indulgent olfactory experience.


Full bodied and captivating, leaving a lasting impression of dark, spiced wood.

STORIES Nº.02 tells the story of once forgotten memories, an invitation to walk among the flowers, shed your shoes at the river and recover that which has been lost.


STORIES Nº.02.01 
Honey Tobacco | Dark Floral | Woody

A dark floral with a balanced sweet and warming element.

Olfactory Notes
Rose - Honey - Tobacco - Cedar Wood - Tonka Bean - Frankincense - Amber - Chocolate - Grass - Oak Moss - Oud

STORIES Nº.02.02
Dark & Spicy | Dry Wood

Comforting yet invigorating with delicious spice and warmth.

Olfactory Notes
Ginger - Patchouli - Cardamom - Vetiver - Honey - Amber - Dry Wood

STORIES Nº.02.03
Peppery | Dark Musk | Mossy Woods

Dark, musky and earthy with a slight sweet twist.

Olfactory Notes
Black Pepper - Pine - Honey - Cedar Wood - Frankincense - Vanilla - Musk - Oud - Fresh Air - Tomato Vine - Wet Earth

3 x 70g candles . Approx 45 hour burn per candle. Once wick is lit allow the candle to burn for a minimum of 2 hours and no more than 4 hours to allow the wax to burn evenly. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Please follow instructions on candle box.

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