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Article: Tonya's Story

Tonya's Story

Tonya's Story

My grandmother’s pearl necklace hung on my tiny neck and I rubbed one of her furs across my cheek. It was laced with her favourite perfume. I breathed in the scent of a woman I would never know. A courageous businessperson who paved the way for Northern Irish women to succeed in a male-dominated market place.
She was my inspiration. I never met her, yet I knew her by the fragrance she wore. Even now, when I smell her favourite scent, I am reminded of feminine strength and dignity. This is the power of fragrance and the heart behind STORIES : connection, to oneself, our past and the things we hope for looking forward.
I designed a fragrance line to create space for this connection and as a testament to the stories that will emerge.


So lovely to meet you recently. Your products are absolutely gorgeous, the smell is divine and the packaging feels like such a treat! I can’t wait to start wearing my new fragrance. congratulations on your success, so very deserved. Hannah xx

Hannah Coffin

hi Tonya

congratulations on your delicious fragrance and award nomination. I read an article in The Gloss and was curious as I love perfume and like you remember my first bottle 4711 bought to me by my Granny in Lord’s chemist Portrush, while on holiday in the early sixties!! I sent for the 02 sample and will be treating myself to the full size. are you planning distribution via Space Nk? a good fit perhaps as it is niche nada owned by a fellow very successful NI lady.Wishing you continued success


hi tonya,

very interested in your perfume range. i live in glasgow, is there anywhere i can smell it before i buy it.


andrea macdonald

Just wondering where your based and how do I order from you.


Siobhan Phelan

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