The Thread of New Beginnings

A New Year is a good opportunity to outline the next chapter of the narrative that shapes our lives. January is a challenging month for many, however, it can also be an invitation to reflect on what has been and set intentions for things that could change.

We have the Emperor Julius Caesar to thank for our calendar. In 46 B.C. he introduced the Julian Calendar, based on the patterns of the sun. He instituted the 1st of January as the beginning of a new year. This was in honour of Janus, the Roman God of change and beginnings. He had two faces, one that allowed him to look behind to reflect on the past and one that looked ahead to the future. Many of our New Year traditions stem from this.

At STORIES Parfums we use fragrance to craft homilies on transformation. We are looking ahead to 2019 with great anticipation.

As well as two unique Eau de Parfums, Fragrance Nº. 01 and Fragrance Nº. 02, we have a range of luxurious body products, including a Hand and Body Wash. The wash uses Coconut Oil-based foaming cleansers to offer a soap-free, hydrating treatment for the skin. It is rich in Aloe Vera and Provitamin B5, both of which boost the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Our wash is Paraben and SLS free and contains a delicate hint of fragrance.

Our body products make it possible to follow the thread of our story throughout the day. From the first shower of the day to a drop of hand cream before lights out, STORIES Parfums weaves its thread of new beginnings throughout your day.

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