The Story Behind Fragrance Nº. 01

I was the youngest of four children born at the height of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. It was not until I was old enough to understand the impact of those years that I acknowledged the scars. Years ricocheting from one destructive pattern to another left me wounded and tired. I inhaled the scent of my newborn son. He was talcum powder-dusted and tiny. His older brother looked on and I dared to hope that it might be different.
Several years later, the story of a fragrance wrapped itself around me like a cocoon. It came from nowhere; it was a divine aroma laced with sharp citrus and the warmth of something woody. When I went on to become a fragrance designer, it was that aroma I sought to articulate in my first perfume.
Fragrance One is an irresistibly seductive, elegant and contemporary perfume. It opens with citrus notes of bergamot, grapefruit and orange blossom, giving way to the deep warmth of cedarwood, a delicate touch of jasmine and a fig-tea accord.  The mystery is revealed in its blend of amber, vibrant sandalwood and hint of vetiver.
Each scent I inhaled when developing the blend illuminated the shadows of a difficult past and marked the beginning of a healing journey. Fragrance Nº.01 tells the story of pain transformed into beauty, of the dark yielding to the light.