The Heart of STORIES Nº. 01

According to Greek Legend, a water nymph named Clytie loved Helios, the God of the Sun. When his love for her grew cold and he abandoned her for someone else, she was overcome with grief. She removed all her clothes, refused to eat or drink and sat on the rocks charting the path of the sun.  After nine days, the gods took pity on her and turned her into a cluster of purple flowers understood to be heliotrope, from the Greek ‘Helios’ (sun) and ‘tropein’ (turning).

The bright, violet flowers and heady scent of the flower make it a popular choice for butterflies and perfumers alike. It oscillates between a sweet cherry pie smell and an aroma akin to vanilla. It is one of the delicate floral heart notes of STORIES Nº. 01, alongside Egyptian Jasmine and Fig from Spain.

Jasmine adds sensuality to STORIES Nº. 01. The snow-white blossoms of the shrub must be picked at dawn as the oil content diminishes as the day wanes. The oil derived from the flowers is known as ‘The King of the Oils’ due to its masculine energy. Jasmine drives the fragrance forward with passion and vivacity.

The scent that brings complexity to these fruity notes is Fig with its mossy yet sweet odour. The fig tree has an illustrious history. With its roots in the Garden of Eden, it is a symbol of peace and wellbeing in the Hebrew tradition. Wild fig trees thrive in arid, inhospitable areas due to their extensive root system. They mine deep reserves of water to support their growth into mature trees.  The leafy shade provides respite from the heat for many varieties of animals and birds. Notes of Fig in STORIES Nº. 01 weave a narrative of hope. It is a story of life that blooms in the most barren landscapes and the shelter that can be extended to others.

Heliotrope, Jasmine and Fig build on a citrus opening with their suggestive, sweet scent. This effervescent blend is at the heart of STORIES Nº. 01. It is the spark that gets your attention and communicates the deep joy underpinning STORIES Parfums.

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