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Article: The Gift of Luxury Skincare

The Gift of Luxury Skincare

The Gift of Luxury Skincare

Our skin is the front line in our daily battle against environmental elements. Whether we spend our days indoors, outdoors or a combination of both, there are lots of factors that influence the health of our skin. How can we provide our body with the nourishment it needs from the outside in?

In addition to perfumes, Creative Director and Founder of STORIES Parfums, Tonya Kidd-Beggs, developed an exclusive, stand-alone body care range. The body washes are gentle cleansers full of moisturising properties including aloe vera, coconut oil and deeply nourishing pro-vitamin B5. The body lotions provide a lightweight but rich treatment for the skin with ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, marula seed oil and argan kernal oil.

We’ve unpacked some of these ingredients to show you why our skincare range is worth investing in.

Pro-vitamin B5

As a member of the B-complex vitamin family, this is a powerful ingredient that transforms into vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) on contact with the skin. This acid is naturally moisturising with regenerative properties that keep your skin smooth and healthy. It is known as a humectant, a substance that supports the skin by retaining moisture. Essentially it provides a protective barrier for your skin. Provitamin B5 also has healing properties. Products that contain this acid, support your skin, if it is irritated or itchy. If you use our skincare range as part of your bedtime routine, the provitamin B5 helps your skin to regenerate overnight by metabolising fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

 'These are only a few of the good things contained in the STORIES Parfums skincare range.'

Aloe Vera

This wonder gel has a high water content and is easily absorbed; it is a great way of replenishing the moisture that our skin loses throughout the day. It is best known for its soothing properties for sunburnt skin, but we love it as a daily moisture boost for our skin. There is aloe vera in both our body wash and body lotion.

Marula Seed oil

The fruit of the marula tree is bright yellow, the size of a plum and an excellent source of vitamin C. The tree grows prolifically throughout Southern Africa. The seeds of the fruit are high in protein and the oil derived from the kernals is rich in antioxidants. It contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, procyanidin, catechins and flavonoids. In simple English, it is packed with hydrating properties, is easily absorbed and supports your skin in the fight against free radicals and sun damage.  

Argan Kernal Oil

The Argan plant is native to Morocco. The oil derived from the kernel of the fruit is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It has many proven benefits for our skin but one of its primary functions is to improve skin elasticity and therefore fight signs of aging.

These are only a few of the good things contained in the STORIES Parfums skincare range. Aside from the many ways the products support skin health, they are also laced with eitherSTORIES Nº. 01 or STORIES Nº. 02 making them the perfect companion for our Eau de Parfums. Treat yourself or someone you love this Christmas with luxury skincare products that support your skin and smell fantastic.

We have some excellent gift sets available on our online store. Do some last minute shopping today. 

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