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Article: What's in the Bottle (& Why) | STORIES Hand & Body Wash:

hand squeezing black tube of STORIES Hand and Body Wash

What's in the Bottle (& Why) | STORIES Hand & Body Wash:

Following my recent Behind the Scenes journal, I'd like to spill the contents of our beautiful Hand & Body Wash - to share why each exquisite ingredient was selected - and why your skin will love it!

As I've always been passionate about skincare, every element of our Hand & Body collection - from ingredients to packaging - is designed with acute attention to detail - and I wouldn't have it other way. 

"I developed STORIES Hand & Body as a luxurious standalone collection... perfect for skincare lovers who enjoy a decadent daily bodycare ritual, with a quietly distinct fragrance."

5 Ways to Elevate your Day with STORIES Hand & Body

  • enjoy a wellbeing morning moment by showering with hydrating and softening Hand & Body Wash
  • pop our new travel sizes in your bag for gorgeous skin on-the-go
  • elevate your sink-side with our chic new wash and lotion pump bottles (launching soon!) for gently cleansed, hydrated hands with an uplifting aroma
  • unwind in a relaxing evening bubble bath with soothingly sumptuous Hand & Body Wash
  • scent your skin with Hand & Body Lotion before bed 

"I created each of these products with loving care - to be adored individually or layered with our Eau de Parfum - for a truly indulgent immersive fragrance journey."

When creating the collection, my essentials list included:

  • the finest quality skin-kind ingredients
  • earth-based and organic, where possible
  • cruelty-free | sls-free | paraben-free
  • beautiful sustainable packaging
  • gender inclusive
  • luxurious to use and delicately fragranced with STORIES scents


It was always my vision to create luxurious products that promote a sense of wellbeing as well as caring for your skin, made with the finest ingredients selected for their individual qualities to nourish, soothe and protect skin.

Our Hand & Body collection is made with pure alcohol-free perfume oils, so you can enjoy the beautiful fragrance without compromising your skin.

The provenance of our plant-based ingredients matters to us as much as their skin-kind, nourishing qualities. Each product is produced in small batches to ensure that they reach you in premium condition, with optimum longevity.


Provitamin B5

Deeply moisturising provitamin B5 helps lock in essential hydration, leaving your skin resilient and radiant. Its natural ability to soothe and repair makes it effective in promoting skin's health, especially dry or irritated skin. By enhancing the skin's barrier function, provitamin B5 helps protect against moisture loss and external stressors.


The gentle yet powerful moisturising properties of this unsung hero deeply cleanse without drying skin. As a natural humectant, it both attracts and retains moisture, creating a protective barrier to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Suitable for all skin types, glycerin contributes to improving skin's texture, promoting smoothness and suppleness.

Aloe Vera

Known for its soothing properties, aloe vera gently cleanses while retaining your skin's essential moisture. Its rich vitamin and mineral content nourishes and revitalises, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Aloe vera's natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help promote skin health and provide a gentle cleanse, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin.

Coconut Cleanser

Gentle yet effective, our high quality natural coconut-oil, soap-free cleansers remove impurities while maintaining your skin's natural moisture balance. Well-suited for sensitive skin, they help minimise irritation, while their natural antimicrobial properties keep your skin soft, fresh and hydrated.

Sustainably Luxurious

We recently wrapped all this goodness in stunning new (even more) sustainable packaging - made from chic black recyclable aluminium. The travel size now comes in a lightweight 60 ml tube, while our 500 ml refillable bottles launch imminently.  

Our multi award-winning hand and body collection has been designed to complement our fragrances and embellish your scented story. Each product is delicately fragranced with STORIES scents and can be mixed and matched to create a bespoke fragrance, used alone or layered to intensify scent and prolong lasting power.

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