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Article: STORIES Dream Destinations & Travel Essentials

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STORIES Dream Destinations & Travel Essentials

With a strong wanderlust spirit, the STORIES team is passionate about exploring new horizons and weaving scented memories along the way. Here, we share our dream destinations and the must-have travel essentials that journey with us across the globe.

Scent has the power to transport us time and time again... the fragrances we carry on our travels become the bookmarks of our journeys, ready to be revisited whenever we wish.

Tonya Kidd-Beggs

Tonya, Founder & CEO

Dream destination? 

An Alaskan Voyage to experience the magic of untouched glaciers, majestic mountains, vibrant wildlife and untamed beauty.

Must-pack travel essentials? 

  • It would be my perfect STORIES bundle, STORIES 30ml Duo and STORIES 60ml Hand & Body Duo

I never, ever travel without my Signature Duo (30ml STORIES Nº.01 & Nº.02, as I share with my husband) and without a doubt I would take the Hand & Body to nourish and protect with the fluctuating temperatures and of course after inspecting the glaciers.

Our Hand & Body is packed full of nourishing ingredients - cocoa butter, shea butter, marula seed oil, argan oil and aloe vera to name a few.  Our washes are gentle and would not strip the skin after the cold weather - and in fact protect, nourish and lock in moisture.


Emma, Marketing Executive

Dream destination? 

I would love to be thrown into the wilderness, at a distance of course, with a safari trip to South Africa. The thought of experiencing such majestic animals in their natural habitat up close and personal on the back of an open roof jeep would be such a rare and beautiful sight, I hope I get to experience one day!

Must-pack travel essentials? 

  • Glossier Invisible Shield SPF30
  • Drunk Elephant D- Bronzi drops
  • STORIES N º.02 Hand & Body Wash
  • Oliver Bonas  Zora Gold Hair Comb

I cannot travel anywhere without these items - my Glossier invisible shield SPF 30 is a favourite due to its water-gel consistency, providing me with all the protection I need whilst away.

My Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops are too good for that all round glow.

I love my STORIES N º.02 Hand & Body Wash in the travel size 60ml as my skin is quite sensitive and I like to bring products I know are good for my skin whilst travelling - especially where I would have more skin exposed - and the smell is just to die for.

Lastly my Oliver Bonas Zora Gold Hair Comb, as an unnatural blonde my hair needs much TLC and I only brush my hair with a delicate comb, so this is a must for me!


Jack, Sales & Education Executive

Dream destination? 

Italy, my heart will forever be in Italy. I love going on our annual, big family holiday to Italy every summer. Even though we have been visiting since I was a child, somehow I never fail to get bored. We tend to pick a new region every year, and I’m honoured to say I have visited almost every one. From the fresh, delicious foods and visiting historic monuments, to exploring new culture - and of course, the fashion. At this stage, it really feels like my home away from home.

Must-pack travel essentials? 

  • STORIES N º.01 Hand & Body Wash 60ml
  • Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème
  • STORIES N º.02 EDP 15ml

My new favourite, STORIES N º.01 Hand & Body Wash 60ml - I find the tube convenient for travelling, it has the perfect amount that will last well over a 2-week holiday, even with daily use.

I am also loving the new Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème - a fresh, lightweight moisturiser that gives the most perfect glow for summer. I hate the feeling of heavy product in the heat, so this is a go-to.

Of course, I cannot forget my beloved STORIES N º.02 EDP, I love carrying my 15ml bottle, as it's travel friendly and makes the most perfect transition from day to evening wear. I have been wearing it for so long now, that every time I spray, a flood of special memories comes to mind.


Rachel, PA

Dream destination? 

My dream holiday is to travel along the Amalfi Coast, finding all the hidden gems and attempting to escape the tourism spots. Stunning views, beaches, Italian food and wine... what could be better?!

Must-pack travel essentials? 

  • La Roche Posay - Cicaplast Baume B5 Repairing Face Balm SPF50
  • Goldwell Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment
  • STORIES Nº.01 Hand & Body Lotion 60ml 
  • STORIES Nº.02 15ml Eau de Parfum

There’s nothing worse than that post-flight skin, so I never travel without my La Roche Posay moisturising cream, which of course has SPF50. As my hair is long and thick it can very quickly dry out in the sun and pool, so I use Goldwell Rich Repair to restore any damage and keep my hair hydrated!

I love travelling with my STORIES Hand & Body Lotion in Nº.01, along with my 15ml Nº.02 Eau de Parfum. I love layering them both to create more of a unique fragrance, and my skin feels incredible using the lotion to lock in the moisture after being in the sun all day!


Where would you love to explore next - and what are your travel essentials? Share with us in the comments below!

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