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Article: A Rich History of Scent

A Rich History of Scent

A Rich History of Scent

The journey of STORIES N °. 02’s heart notes and the spiced, oriental edge at the core of this blend.
The heart notes of STORIES N °. 02 are some of the fragrance world’s most ancient ingredients. The Tobacco plant reached Europe in the 15th Century. Tonka Bean dates back to the 1700s when the cumaru fruit was first introduced to the French. Patchouli has a mysterious past, originating in the Middle East and reaching Europe via the Silk Route, thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte.  
The combination of these notes alongside Cedarwood, one of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery, tethers STORIES N °. 02 to a rich history of scent.
Rich Pipe Smoke
Our Honey Tobacco blend adds a nuanced masculine warmth that is both comforting and spirited. The tobacco oil is steam distilled from the macerated leaves of the plant. It does not carry any of the bitterness one might associate with a cigarette but is more reminiscent of rich, pipe smoke, tempered with caramel and sweet honey notes.
The Tonka Bean is the wrinkled, black fruit of a tropical tree that boasts vibrant, violet flowers. The beans are soaked in rum for up to 24 hours and then dried. A powdery residue, known as coumarin, is left on the bean which is responsible for the complexity of its scent. Tonka Bean falls into the oriental category of perfume notes. It is redolent of vanilla with a spiced, cinnamon edge and almond sweetness.
Patchouli’s Bad Rep
Patchouli got a bad reputation in the sixties and seventies when it became associated with hippies and cheap synthetic variations were widely available. In fact, the olfactory profile of patchouli oil depends on how it is cultivated and fermented. If done to a high standard, the resulting oil is refined and exclusive. The highest quality oil is derived from the mature leaves of the plant. They must be dried in a particular way and their fermentation is managed by an expert nose who can determine when they are ready. Patchouli is rich and herbaceous. It works beautifully with smoky, Tobacco tones, rich Tonka Bean notes and earthy Cedarwood.
Although the heart notes of STORIES N °. 02 are rooted in history, the unique balance of the notes is contemporary and dynamic.
Next week, the concluding part of STORIES N °. 02’s Focus on Fragrance will look at the fixatives that ensure it lingers on the skin.

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Beautifully and magically written. I love learning about the history of ingredients. Is there a sampling service for your scents that would ship to the US? I’m a blogger and would love to purchase samples of your fragrances, thanks kindly in advance for any feedback.


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