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Article: Tonya's Fragrance Routine

Tonya's Fragrance Routine
scented rituals

Tonya's Fragrance Routine

I love to infuse my day with scented rituals - as integral to my sense of wellbeing as restful sleep, healthy food and exercise.

It goes a little something like this...

STORIES Hand and Body

Morning Notes

Post-workout or dog walk, I start my day with a sensory moment of calm - showering with STORIES Nº.01 Hand & Body Wash. Premium botanical ingredients such as glycerin, provitamin B5 and aloe vera leave my skin soft, supple and scented with a subtle uplifting fragrance.

I lock in hydration with a layer of aloe vera and glycerin-rich velvety body lotion to deeply moisturise my skin before the final flourish... a few sprays of STORIES Eau de Parfum. I enjoy switching things up by mixing and matching the scents of my fragrance and lotion.

Spritzing perfume on well moisturised skin is key to intensifying your fragrance and adding longevity to your perfume.

Office Scents

You'll always find chic black aluminium tubes and bottles of our Hand & Body Lotion dotted around the STORIES office - for top ups throughout the day. This keeps my hands so supple - and the nutritious sweet almond and marula oils are fantastic for my nails, keep them strong and healthy, even in this cold weather. Although rich, the lotion sinks in quickly, so I can type uninterrupted.

When things get hectic, you'll catch me warming the aromatic lotion in my palms before cupping them and inhaling deeply.

I love to layer the air around me with scent too, elevating our office space with the luxuriously uplifting aroma of our handcrafted sustainably made candles. Some days I'll just light one at my desk and others burn all three for a truly indulgent olfactory experience.

Evening Aromas

After a long day at the office, I love to unwind with a sensory candlelit bath. Gentle coconut cleansers in our Hand & Body Wash create the most beautiful, delicate bubbles in the soothing, flickering candle light - and leave my skin super soft and smooth.

I lock in every drop of hydration by applying body lotion on damp skin - and add a few sprays of perfume behind my knees, on lower back and inner elbows before I slip into bed.

Share the story of your scented rituals in the comments below.

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