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Article: The Art of Illumination: Candle Etiquette

small candles in black glass jars arranged around white boxes, next to a jar of matches and decorative white abstract head

The Art of Illumination: Candle Etiquette

Candle etiquette is an art form... discover our insider tips to make your candles burn brighter, more evenly and for longer.

Before revealing our candlelit rituals, I'm delighted to share that STORIES Nº.01, Bougie Parfumée, Perfumed Candles received the prestigious GOLD award in the Best New Home Fragrance category at this year's Pure Beauty Awards, London 2023. 

a trio of lit candles on marble plinth

Set the Scene

Create ambiance by choosing a special spot to showcase your candles safely, while allowing their fragrance to disperse effectively. Choose a spot with good air circulation for the perfect scent diffusion, while avoiding drafts which can cause sooting and an uneven burn. 

lighting candles with long match

New Lengths

Using extra long matches helps to safely light multiple candles with a single strike - and reach inside the jars with ease as they begin to burn down. Decorative coffee table match boxes are always a bonus.

The Maiden Burn

Set the stage for future illuminations by allowing your candle to melt until its entire surface becomes a pool of liquid wax during the first burn - in around two hours. This establishes the candle's memory and prevents tunneling, ensuring an even burn every time. Burn for a maximum of 4 hours. 

unlit candles in display boxes next to vase of flowers

Extinguish with Elegance

Use a snuffer to extinguish the flickering flames. This not only prevents smoke but retains the fragrance for a seamless relighting experience.

Protect in Style

Our luxurious French vintage glass dome protects your candles from dust, retains the vibrancy of their fragrance and acts as a statement piece in your space.

Now sit back, relax and allow each candle to scent and illuminate new stories as it burns...

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