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Article: Savvy Summer Skincare

STORIES Parfums body wash and fragrance by a pool with reflections of clouds on the water

Savvy Summer Skincare

With Summer in full swing it’s time to take a rain check on our skin.

As tempting as it is to covet glowing tanned limbs, the sun takes its toll on our skin and it is important to protect it.
Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United Kingdom. Sunburnt skin is at a significantly higher risk of developing a melanoma, so it is essential that we guard against sun damage. Here are some simple ways to look after your skin this Summer.


Use your Head

With so many attractive headwear options, there is no reason to leave your face exposed to the sun. Try an oversized straw hat or something in raffia for beach days; a wide-brimmed option puts you in a better position to avoid those harmful rays. For a sporty option, visors are on trend, so don the tennis skirt and get in position. A retro visor allows you to stay shaded while your hair gets a blonde touch up. Take it one step further and get yourself a Visor-Sunglasses hybrid to kill two birds with one stone. For those of you who can pull of a baseball cap there are plenty of killer prints to take the humble hat to another level.

Wear Sunscreen

Gone are the days we lathered oil on our arms for maximum results. The cool kids wear sunblock. Sunscreen is a product that includes several ingredients to prevent the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching the skin. Two types of ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB, damage the skin, age it prematurely, and increase your risk of skin cancer. Use a sunscreen that is at least a protection 15 and if you have children, ensure you use a 40+. Although it may be tempting to hop onto the sunbed for a pre-holiday tan, according to Cancer Research UK using a sunbed increases melanoma risk by 16 - 20% so stay clear. Beauty Director at You Magazine, Edwina Ings-Chambers, recommends the Daily Sunscreen by Dr. Sam Bunting that is defined as ‘A (silky) safety belt for your skin’. Find out more at


Love Your Skin

We can love our skin by keeping it well hydrated, protecting it from UV rays and maintaining a balanced diet full of foodstuffs rich in vitamins and minerals. A good skincare regime is also important to combat damaging environmental effects.

At STORIES Parfums it was important to develop a skincare range that not only featured our unique fragrances but also contained essential ingredients to nourish the skin. One of our key ingredients found in both the Hand & Body Lotion and the Hand & Body Wash is Provitamin B5. This vitamin works as a humectant. That means it attracts moisture to the skin’s surface and delivers nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin. Provitamin B5 both attracts and retains water; it reduces the amount of water that is lost from the skin through evaporation. Using skincare products that contain Provitamin B5 will increase your skin’s hydration and improve its elasticity. Not only that but this provitamin has been proven to soothe, heal and aid the regeneration of the skin. When choosing your beauty products this Summer, our hand and body range has been designed with your skin in mind. Not only that but you’ll smell fantastic.

Learn more about the botanical benefits of our products - and how caring for our skin can actually be therapeutic.

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