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Article: A Fragrant Fairytale

A Fragrant Fairytale

A Fragrant Fairytale

I was strolling along the beach with my dogs, soaking up every last drop of blazing Autumn sunshine and cobalt sky when I had a surprise call from an unknown number. I almost didn't answer - and am so glad now that I did.

It was Bronagh, Bronagh the Bridesmaid.  

Long story short, Bronagh's friend Laura realised she had run out of perfume the day before her wedding. Laura LOVES perfume - and like  most brides, had hoped to associate one special fragrance with her wedding day, the basis of new scent memories as she embarked on this new chapter of her life.




Laura's favourite fragrance is STORIES N⁰.01. Of course I couldn't allow her day to pass without a spritz of those creamy florals flecked with green, a scent itself inspired by the vigour of new beginnings.

With the dogs in the boot of the car, I drove straight to our warehouse to pick up the perfume - and arrived just in time to meet Bronagh for a secret rendezvous in the oh so glamorous surroundings of our local supermarket car park. Oh how we laughed!

I'm going to let Laura tell the rest of her story in her own words... shared (with kind permission) from the loveliest email she sent me shortly after the wedding. 


Hi Tonya,
You won’t know me but my best friend rang you a few weeks ago to get some perfume from you for my wedding on a warm Saturday afternoon in a car park!
Context: I was sitting in Sistine Beauty in Holywood that Saturday with Bronagh getting a pedicure and she asked If I had sorted perfume yet. I was due to leave the next day to get married in Scotland… just the two of us… going by boat with our two dogs.
I said no, I’d left it too late… the only thing I would really want to wear is online (enter: Stories Parfums) and I didn’t leave enough time to order. It’s my own fault, I’ll do without.
Bronagh (we all need a friend like Bronagh right?) took it upon herself to ring you and hooked a sister up. I got a text about an hour after leaving her saying she had sorted the perfume, not to worry and she would drop it round on Sunday just before we were due to leave. Casual, easy as. No big deal. 
Well honestly. My heart. 
The whole wedding process has been a bit of a challenge… this was our 3rd planned wedding thanks to broken backs (he’s fine now) and then Covid, so I was feeling particularly despondent and anxious about the whole thing. But not just the fact my friend did something so lovely for me, the fact that a kick-ass busy entrepreneur went out of her way to help a stranger is unbelievably inspiring.
You’ve now got a few customers for life (I’ve told quite a few people this story and they’re all big fans now!). When the world feels scary at times and overwhelming, it’s incredibly soul soothing to see these little branches of kindness.
Thank you again, not just for helping me out in a bind but going out of your way on a Saturday when you had 1000 x other things you could be doing.
The wedding was great, it was just the two of us on the beach on the west coast. When you talk about stories, and memories…..every time I wear N⁰.01 (and N⁰.02 for the days after that we spent in Scotland), I will forever be reminded of not only my wedding day and starting a new life together after a few hiccups, but also female friendship and kick-ass entrepreneur’s who go out of their way to help a stranger.
Thank you again.



What an honour, honestly. Just one of many reasons I love coming from such a small place, adore the people who live here and am so grateful for brides like Laura and friends like Bronagh.

It is the best feeling when someone chooses to wear my fragrances - never gets old - and I'm so thankful to have the best customers. 

From Tonya, with love x


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ just goes to show that people are still kind, considerate and above all kick ass!!! A true entrepreneur !

Karin Robertson

Heart warming! What a lovely story :)


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