We're now offering 10% off your next purchase when you return your empty perfume bottle, cap and neck to us.

This initiative will support our commitment to recycle, reduce and reuse.   

  1. You must have a verified account to begin the return process.
  2. Sign in to your STORIES Parfums account here.
  3. You will find ‘contact us’ on bottom right of the homepage under company details or email customercare@storiesparfums.com.
  4. You must initiate your return by sending us details of what size of empty perfume bottles you are returning.
  5. Once your account and previous orders have been verified we can then begin the return process.
  6. Once we have bottle, neck and cap has been inspected a code will be issued for your next order. 
  7. Code must be used within 14 days of receipt of code.

Thank you for supporting our sustainable initiative to ensure the world in which we live in doesn't simply survive but thrives.

*T&Cs apply. Discount code valid for 14 days.