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Article: Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Scent

Woman holding STORIES Parfums wedding fragrance scent

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Scent

Let’s talk about a day that marks the beginning of forever with your beloved. A day that is one of the happiest days of your life, a cherished day full of memories with all of your closest friends and family. It’s your wedding day. 

Every detail of this special day holds careful thought, consideration and significance. From the venue, your dress and the flowers; all the way down to the minute details of dainty jewellery or… fragrance!

Choosing the right fragrance for your special day is a decision often cast aside yet it is not to be overlooked or taken lightly as the memories associated with the scent can last with you forever.

The olfactory system (a sensory system in our bodies) is directly responsible for our sense of smell and has a direct connection to our brain’s limbic system which controls memories and emotions. Of our five senses, there is none so intricately connected to our emotions as our sense of smell. Particular scents from memorable moments in your life have the ability to transport you right back in an instant, evoking vivid recollections of specific experiences and feelings.

You can begin to imagine in years to come as you spritz the fragrance of your wedding day, the feelings of joy and love all come flooding back in an instant. The scent that accompanied you down the aisle.


STORIES Nº.01 is the perfect scent if you or your loved one is looking for an uplifting and joyful aroma to carry you down the aisle. The Nº.01 scent has been described as elegantly refined, seductive and brimming with optimism. This fragrance opens with enticing citrus top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and orange blossom which create a zesty initial aroma. The heart notes then hit you next which is composed of heliotrope, jasmine and fig. These florals and spices create a sweet and sensual scent, building perfectly on the citrus opening. The woody base notes of this fragrance work to create a grounded scent, important for longevity. Amber, sandalwood and vetiver make up the final components to STORIES Nº.01, bringing balance and a unique earthy warmth to the vibrant top and heart notes.

STORIES Nº.02 may be more suited for you or your partner if looking for a bold scent that embodies wonder, liberation and mystery. This fragrance opens with heady notes of cardamom, ginger, green tea and Bulgarian Rose, the most expensive rose oil in the world. Alluring and opulent. You are then seduced by the heart notes of tonka bean, patchouli and cedarwood which perfectly compliment the top notes with their sensual warmth. Finally, the base notes emerge with a rich amber, musk, honey tobacco, vanilla and sandalwood. A complex and alluring blend of ingredients that render this fragrance unforgettable.


Your wedding day is one that you will never forget and the decision of selecting a fragrance to capture the memories forever does not come lightly. I hope I have inspired you to take the time to think about what kind of scent you want and how it will set the ambience of your day. I would love to hear if STORIES is your special scent!


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