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Article: My Beauty Favourites: Georgie Coleridge Cole

My Beauty Favourites: Georgie Coleridge Cole

My Beauty Favourites: Georgie Coleridge Cole

Regular readers of SheerLuxe will be familiar with their Beauty Favourites series, where those in the know share the products they buy on repeat. SheerLuxe’s Founder & Editor, Georgie Coleridge Cole shares her favourites – from the affordable BB cream she swears by to the fragrances she always has on rotation, and the skincare that really makes a difference…



If I’m after fuller coverage, I love Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Face Concealer. It has a big doe-foot applicator to cover a larger surface area for more even looking results. For medium coverage, I like Rose Inc’s Concealer, and for something a bit lighter, it’s always By Terry’s Hyaluronic Concealer – the texture is thin and lightweight, yet it still hides just enough.

[1] Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Face Concealer, £25 | Lancôme
[2] Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer, £23 | Rose Inc
[3] Hyaluronic Hydra Concealer, £28.80 (was £36) | By Terry


All three of these mascaras have a firm place in my make-up bag. Clarins’ Supra formula has a funny-shaped wand but it builds thick lashes like no other. I love Studio 10’s Mascara, too. Double ended, it has two very different sized wands for both the top and bottom lashes. It does flake off a bit at the end of the day, but the definition makes it worth it. It’s easy to remove as well.

[1] Mascara Supra Volume, £22 | Clarins
[2] Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara, £25 | Charlotte Tilbury
[3] 6-In-1 Perfect Lash Mascara, £25 | Studio 10


Stories Parfum No.01 and No.02 are two of my favourite fragrances. 01 is more of a floral, while 02 has a woody, green quality that makes it a bit warmer. Another perfume that’s always on my shelf is Diptyque’s Saint Germain – it’s really sexy and to me it signifies a fun, evening out. Creed’s Aventus for Her will always be one of my favourites, too. Finally, I have to add one more as I love fragrance so much – Medeau Origin is really light and fresh. I took it to Ibiza with me and all the girls stole it off me for the entire trip – it’s that good.

[1] Nº. 01, £150 | Stories Parfums & Nº. 02, £150 | Stories Parfums
[2] 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, £112 | Diptyque
[3] Aventus for Her, £260 | Creed
[4] Origin Natural EDP, £95 | Medeau


I don’t wear heavy foundation, which is why I like all three of these bases. Rodial’s Skin Tint is a must-try if you prefer light and breathable coverage, while Chantecaille’s feels hydrating with added SPF protection. As for Kiko’s BB Cream, I first discovered this when I lost my luggage on holiday and went to the Kiko store to replace my entire make-up bag. I found this cream gave the kind of impressive coverage that works year round.

[1] Daily Protection BB Cream, £10.99 | Kiko
[2] Skin Tint, £49 | Rodial
[3] Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser, £73 | Chantecaille


Every one of these helps to hydrate my skin. Fresh is my forever favourite, but my latest find is Olivanna London. I’m nearly at the end of my first pot, and I really like it – it suits my skin nicely. If I’m going to blow the budget, I use Augustinus Bader – I really noticed a difference in my skin after using it.

[1] Moisture Surge Intense, £25 | Clinique
[2] Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream, £37 | Fresh
[3] Intense Repair Night Cream, £68 | Olivanna London
[4] The Cream, £215 |  Augustinus Bader


I use every single shade – other than the top left and bottom right – in this By Terry palette. It has such great, wearable colours for all occasions – I love it. I’m never without By Terry’s Blackstar crayons either, as they are so easy to blend with fingers or a brush. For slightly darker, evening shades, I rate Charlotte Tilbury’s Palette in ‘Rock Chick’.

[1] V.I.P. Expert Paris ‘Mon Amour’ Palette, £48 | By Terry
[2] The Rock Chick Luxury Palette, £43 | Charlotte Tilbury
[3] Ombre Blackstar Eye Crayon, £30 | By Terry

For Lips…

Emolyne does some of the best lipsticks when it comes to longevity and richness of colour. I love ‘Casablanca’ for a vivid, coral tone, while the crayons in ‘Luxor’ and ‘Zanzibar’ are a great way to define and shape – the former is a neutral tone, the latter a richer red. For more of a healthy sheen, it’s always Clarins’ Natural Lip Perfectors – I love all the shades.

[1] Lip Definer In Luxor, £15 | Emolyne & Lip Definer In Zanzibar, £15 | Emolyne
[2] Lipstick in Casablanca, £23 | Emolyne
[3] Natural Lip Perfector’s, £18.50 | Clarins

For Self-Tan…

You can’t beat Amanda Harrington’s Contour Set for easy tanning, or Balance Me’s Tanning Drops for a speedy colour. A new discovery I’m also loving is St Moritz’s Instant Self-Tanning Mousse. I picked it up in Sally’s, went home and applied just a small amount to my face and body with a mitt – I am so impressed with the colour; it’s natural-looking and barely streaks. Well worth snapping up.

[1] Gradual Tanning Drops, £22.50 (was £30) | Balance Me
[2] The Bespoke Contour Set, £56.09 | Amanda Harrington
[3] Instant Self-Tanning Mousse, £2.99 | St Moritz
[4] Bronze Base Tan Drops, £20 | Sculpted By Aimee

For Nails…

Seche Vite does the best topcoat out there – and for colour, it has to be Opi Nail Polish in ‘Funny Bunny’ and Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’. I’ve also just added Rimmel’s Super Gel Polish in ‘New Romantic’ to my collection. Recently, I was travelling and my nails chipped. I couldn’t go without neat nails, so I went to the local chemist and Rimmel’s was all they had. Because I liked the shade so much, I stocked up on four bottles.

[1] Super Gel Nail Polish in New Romantic, £4.54 (was £6.99) | Rimmel
[2] Nails in Funny Bunny, £14.30 | Opi
[3] Polish In Ballet Slippers, £7.99 | Essie 
[4] Top Coat, £5.85 (was £10.95) | Seche Vite

For Brows…

I start by shaping my brows with Rose Inc’s Tinted Shaping Gel – it has a big brush head that pushes hairs into place and holds them. Then, I fill my brows in using Benefit’s Pencil which creates realistic, hair-like strokes. I’ve tinted my own brows for a long time using RefectoCil in the shade ‘Brown’ – it’s the best for a natural, but well-defined colour.

[1] Brow Renew Enriched Tinted Shaping Gel, £19.50 | Rose Inc
[2] My Brow Eyebrow Pencil, £22.50 | Benefit Precisely
[3] Henna Brow Tint in Brown, £5.10 (was £5.35) | RefectoCil

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