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STORIES Subscription Program


Step One: On each product page, you will find a drop down menu where you can select which subscription plan you would like to be a part of; whether that be a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month schedule.
The plan you choose will determine how often your chosen product will be sent out to you, so if you choose the 3 month plan, product will be sent out to you once every 3 months.
Step Two: Once you have made your first subscription purchase you will then gain access to your personal customer portal. Here, you will have the ability to customise your subscription plan to suit you and your lifestyle.
 You will have the flexibility to change your subscription plan, swap out what product you want and skip a scheduled delivery all at any time through your personal customer portal where you can also cancel your subscription at any time.
Step Three: Sit back and relax as your order is sent out to you. When it's time for your next subscription order, we will automatically send out your delivery, so you don't have to do anything!