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Article: Five Ways to Shop Fragrance in a Pandemic

Five Ways to Shop Fragrance in a Pandemic

Five Ways to Shop Fragrance in a Pandemic

Our relationship to fragrance is unique, intimate and important to get right. At STORIES Parfums, we believe that it is always worth taking the time to choose a perfume that you love.

With many of our retail stockists currently closed - and limited opportunities to choose a new fragrance in person - we've come up with five ways to help you discover a new signature scent from the comfort of your home.

  1. Redeemable Samples

Try our handcrafted Eau de Parfums before you buy and we'll redeem the cost against a full size bottle. Always the best place to start, a Deluxe 1.5ml Sample Duo of STORIES Nº.01 and STORIES Nº.02 is the perfect introduction to our fragrances. UK & Ireland delivery is complimentary.

  1. Virtual Fragrance Discovery Session

What will your story be? A complimentary, personalised consultation with one of our team is the ultimate way to discover a new perfume.   

Virtually immersing you in our fragrances and bodycare, we will walk you through the process of choosing a scent for yourself or a loved one... in the next best thing to a face to face consultation.

Email us at to book your free consultation, available from Monday-Friday.

  1. Beginners Guide to Fragrance

When choosing a new scent, try not to be swayed by preconceptions of certain ingredients, or what you think you should or shouldn't like.

Our Beginner's Guide to Fragrance launched late 2020 - and over the coming months, together we will explore the meaning and impact of fragrance on our lives, from the emotion it evokes to understanding notes and fragrance families. 

We hope that you enjoy this journey with us and that it enhances your everyday experience of the smells that surround you, as well as the wonderful world of perfume. We suggest starting with Chapter One.

  1. VIP Scent Club

Our Virtual VIP Scent Club takes place live online in small, yet divinely scented group sessions for scent enthusiasts and beginners alike, all from the comfort of your own sofa.

Hosted live via Zoom by our founder and creative director, Tonya Kidd-Beggs, participants receive a duo of our fragrances in advance and enjoy sneak previews of upcoming launches and access to exclusive offers, while delving deep into the stories, notes and ingredients behind our collection.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to make sure you don't miss the next one.

  1. Live Chat

Connect with us in an instant from wherever you are in the world. Live Chat is run by our very own STORIES team, armed with the expert knowledge to provide the information you need in an instant. Whether you're torn between STORIES Nº.01 and STORIES Nº.02, have a query on bodycare or want to book a Fragrance Discovery Session, we'll be more than happy to help.

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