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Article: New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

A time of New Beginnings - from Northern Ireland with Love

My natural environment has always held my heart - and provides an endless source of inspiration for my fragrances. STORIES Parfums is based on the spectacular coastline of Northern Ireland, a breathtaking backdrop of lavish greenery, vast golden beaches and dramatic mountains.


STORIES Parfums is based on the spectacular coastline of Northern Ireland


One of my earliest memories is in nature, playing in my grandfather's garden... paddling in the stream; sniffing the aroma of deep green patchouli leaves I'd rubbed on my wrists; closing my eyes and inhaling the balmy whaft of rose and orange blossom in his green house. It's no wonder that these emotive scents transpired into STORIES Parfums N⁰.02, alongside a handful of others. My childhood memories, bottled forever. Literally.    

So many of us have a deeper appreciation of being outdoors in a year when nature has become our refuge and an often therapeutic breathing space. My days often begin or end with a stroll along the beach or through the fields, a time to reflect in wide open spaces that calm my mind and still my soul.

Ireland has a rich heritage of storytelling and being a native has shaped the stories of my life - and in turn, my Eau de Parfums. Our rugged coastlines offer escape and relaxation alongside the woody, green and evocative scents of the forests, and floral, herbaceous scents of the hedgerows and meadows.

I am proud to have launched Northern Ireland's first ever fragrance house and believe that STORIES Parfums embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of Ireland - an island of artists, musicians, and new ideas.


I am proud to have launched Northern Ireland's first ever fragrance house


The scents of childhood, home and my environment have inspired my sensory journey and helped to intuitively create my fragrance collection...

~ The tactile Eau de Parfum boxes, reminiscent of Irish linen

~ The earth-based ingredients

~ The art of perfumery

~ The homage to storytelling

~ The orchestral dance of notes

~ An appreciation of our planet and drive to sustain it

~ Use of time honoured traditional methods and ancient craftmanship.

Ultimately, a story in aromatic form.  At the heart of our brand is a deep respect for the planet we live on, a responsibility which will always begin and end at home.


Ultimately, a story in aromatic form

As I write, my garden is on the cusp of Spring, the branches no longer bare. Cheery tulips and daffodils are blooming; wisteria is flowering and the first little frills of Cherry Blossom are prising through their buds.

As we tentatively begin to shift out of lockdown, I find hope, joy and comfort in my surroundings daily - and wish the very same for you.

Here's to new beginnings.

Tonya x


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Dear Stories owner
Thankyou so much for sharing on premier radio
I didn’t hear all the interview but to God be the glory that you have turned things around
I will look into your brand as l am an avid perfume lover. Will keep an eye out for it on the shelves. Kind regards


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