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Article: The Art of Perfumery: Beginner's Guide to Fragrance Chapter 7

Bottles of STORIES Eau de Parfum lying next to a bunch of red roses on a pale pink background

The Art of Perfumery: Beginner's Guide to Fragrance Chapter 7

Growing up in a land of creatives has significantly shaped the stories of my life, encapsulated through the art of perfumery. To me, fine fragrances are living, breathing artworks; blank canvases on which to paint colourful narratives. Each one is a melody of memories, emotion and significant moments, embodied in an artful composition of perfectly balanced notes and ingredients.


STORIES Parfums is proud to be the first fine fragrance perfumery in Northern Ireland, a Land of Artists and Entrepreneurs.


Roja Dove, British Perfumer and Fragrance Historian once said that a perfumer is one who is not only technically brilliant but who truly feels their art. Dove believes that creating a scent is akin to poetry. For me, it is about weaving a story from the memories that scents evoke.


Design & Composition

When it comes to the art of fragrance designing, my approach entails distilling stories and memories into individual notes, blended into vibrant compositions. My hope is to capture the essence of emotion in my creations, that others might connect with the complex layers of their own story while wearing them. I view perfume as an invitation to experience something universal yet so deeply personal.

I developed my Eau de Parfums against the inspirational backdrop of Grasse in the French Riviera, perfume capital of the world. I sat for days at the perfumer’s organ, surrounded by tiny bottles of essential oil, where I went on an olfactory journey under the expertise of a wonderful perfumer. From the citrus groves of Southern Italy to the Damask Rose fields in Bulgaria, some of the oils resonated deeply. Guided by the perfumer's knowledge of thousands of ingredients and ancient techniques, my creative vision came to life.

Just like other art forms, fragrance can evoke powerful emotions, reignite memories and enable us to express deeply embedded narratives. Every story is unique. In celebration of this Month of Love, let's explore some of the ways that we can form connections to others and ourselves, through the art of perfumery.

Fragrance & Emotion

What we smell has a profound impact on our mood, working capacity and sense of wellbeing. Fragrance has a unique ability to transcend emotion and transport us to a place of sensory calm.

Perfume can support our wellbeing in so many ways, forging connections with our memories and empowering us to engage with our emotions. Of our five senses, there is none so intricately connected to our emotions as our sense of smell, related to the limbic system in our brain that processes both smell and emotion.

Scents & Sensuality

Scent can elevate mood and ambiance in an instant... deeply sensual, soothing and invigorating. Using our Hand & Body Wash as a bubble bath is just one of my favourite ways to indulge, followed by layering its scent with luxurious lotion and allover fragrance.

Whether spending this Valentine's Day alone or with a loved one, why not take time out to linger in a candlelit bath and wrap your skin in layers of silky smooth lotion, sealed with your chosen spritz? (Don't forget to spray your tummy, inside elbows, behind knees and the ends of your hair.)  

The Aroma of Self Love

Top to toe skincare is an important part of my daily ritual - a treat for both my body and sense of self. I absolutely believe that skin care is a form of self care - and the reason I introduced my body collection. The hand and body products are designed to complement our fragrances and embellish your scented story. Full of nourishing ingredients and gentle on skin, the washes and lotions are infused with a delicate veil of fragrance, allowing you to layer and lock the notes as you wish.

Making Memories

Our sense of smell is complex - and the only one that connects to both memory and instinct. Neither a whim or a romantic notion, the link between scent, memory and emotion is scientifically proven. 

Odours are processed by the olfactory bulb which begins inside the nose and connects to the limbic system in the brain, linking to our emotions and memories. The olfactory nerve is short, which is why our sense of smell can affect us so quickly, hence an intrinsically close relationship between smell, emotion and memory.

Certain smells have the ability to transport us to distant lands, dreams and into the arms of those we love, even while apart. 

Inner Healing

The power of fragrance evoked intense healing that brought hope and joy to my life following a time of darkness. This is the reason I am so passionate about bringing beautiful scents and the wellbeing they inspire into other's lives. 

One particular aroma gave me access to childhood memories that I had buried very deeply; the starting point of a journey of restoration. This heavenly scent is what I sought to reproduce in STORIES Nº.01, a very significant blend for me.


So much more than a romantic celebration, Valentines Day is the perfect time to remind our nearest and dearest how loved they are... let's embrace the power of fragrance to cocoon ourselves and others in love.



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